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V Rising – How to Siege-Proof Your Base | Defense Strategy

In V Rising, you need to defend your castle against potential Vampire invaders who want to steal your most valuable loot.




In V Rising, you can never be safe. Your own castle needs protection and a lot of defensive mechanisms to avoid getting raided by other Vampires who seek your treasured loot inside. Thus, you must never let your guard down and work towards siege-proofing your base as much as possible.

How to Siege-Proof Your Base in V Rising

There are only a few ways to defend your Castle against raids in V Rising.

You can either take steps to slow down Vampires to lure them deeper into war or set specific countermeasures to keep them occupied and eliminate them before reaching your Castle Heart. This guide will teach you how to defend your Castle from raids.

Setting Up Defenses

The first thing to consider is your Castle’s location. You can slow down potential attackers by placing your Castle in a walled-off area. By doing so, you may trap every enemy who might attack your Castle in a single location.

After that, it is recommended to place a decoy Castle in front of your true Castle to waste not only your enemies’ time but also their resources.

Build a fake Castle with a maze of doors and corridors and fill them with empty chests. This will force them to waste resources and time if they try to prepare for war by summoning Siege Golems or casting spells and potions.

If an enemy manages to get past your initial line of defense and inside your actual Castle, make sure you build your own Castle in the same style as the fake one (with confusing doors and corridors). Store your valuables such as chests, the Castle Heart, and so on at the back of the Castle.

To prevent an opponent from sneaking in and installing a Castle Heart on your land, remember to extend your border as far as possible on the area that you have walled off.

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