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V Rising: Best Magic Abilities to Use in PvP

In V Rising, Magic Abilities are especially useful in both PvP and PvE modes of the game.




Throughout your quest in V Rising, you will gain both magic and vampire abilities to help you become a more powerful vampire.

These abilities affect your health regeneration, improve your elemental resistance, reduce damage taken, travel speed, and many more. Magic skills, in particular, are all viable in the game’s PvP aspect.

Best Magic Abilities to Use in PvP in V Rising

Magic Abilities are categorized into five: Unholy, Frost, Blood, Chaos, and Illusion. The good thing about this is there are no restrictions on what kind of spells you can utilize. So you can use any spell combination that you want, depending on your playstyle

. You can select two Basic Abilities, one Travel Ability, and one Ultimate Ability from your action bar. In this guide, we will be talking about the best Magic Abilities for PvP.

Magic Abilities for PvP

In V Rising, you can only unlock particular Magic Abilities by defeating specific bosses, which can be accessed in the Blood Altar. Thus, you should level up your gear score first so you won’t waste your time meaninglessly fighting Blood Units you can’t defeat.

With that said, here are the recommended Magic Abilities for PvP:

  • Chaos Volley (Basic Ability)
    • Affinity: Chaos
    • Launches 2 Chaos Bolts in a sequence that deals magic damage and inflicts Chaos Burn.
    • To Unlock: Defeat Lidia the Chaos Archer
  • Power Surge (Basic Ability)
    • Affinity: Chaos
    • Effect: Removes all negative effects and applies a shield on a target ally or self. Increases movement speed and attack speed while the shield lasts.
    • To Unlock: Defeat Azariel the Sunbringer
  • Wisp Dance (Basic Ability)
    • Affinity: Illusion
    • Effect: Summon three wisps that circle around you and magic damage to enemies. Recast to launch all three wisps as projectiles, reducing the target’s damage output.
    • To Unlock: Defeat Gorecrusher the Behemoth
  • Sanguine Coil (Basic Ability)
    • Affinity: Blood
    • Effect: Launch a projectile that deals magic damage and leeches health on enemy hit. Heals ally and self.
    • To Unlock: Defeat Meredith the Bright Archer
  • Purgatory (Basic Ability)
    • Affinity: Unholy
    • Effect: Summons a pillar of energy that slows enemies and heals allies. After a few seconds, the pillar will explode in a powerful burst of energy dealing magic damage to enemies and healing allies.
    • To Unlock: Defeat Christina the Sun Priestess
  • Summon Fallen Angel (Ultimate Ability)
    • Affinity: Unholy
    • Effect: Summons a fallen angel to fight for you. Attacks made by the fallen angel inflict amplify.
    • How to Unlock: Defeat Solarus the Immaculate
  • Spectral Guardian (Ultimate Ability)
    • Affinity: Illusion
    • Effect: Summon a Spectral Guardian that shields allies in an area and attacks enemies with a mighty swing.
    • To Unlock: Defeat Terah the Geomancer
  • Arctic Leap (Ultimate Ability)
    • Affinity: Frost
    • Effect: Leap into the air and strike down a target location, dealing magic damage.
    • How to Unlock: Defeat Terrorclaw the Ogre

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