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V Rising: Best Early and Mid Game Farming Locations

In V Rising, there are a lot of farming locations that can make your resource-gathering activities more efficient.




V Rising is a Vampire survival game in which you must farm resources to survive. Farming is so important that you cannot proceed in the game if you don’t farm enough resources.

After gathering a sufficient amount, you will be able to craft a variety of useful items and continue on to your path of being the Dracula of your server.

Best Early and Mid Game Farming Locations in V Rising

Since the map of V Rising is so large, it might be tough to locate the good areas when farming resources. If you’re having trouble finding suitable locations to farm specific resources, you have come to the right place.

This article will teach you what areas are best to farm for early and mid-game to make your farming more efficient.

Farming Locations

Bandit Stronghold is one of the best early game farming sites. This location doesn’t need any explosives or extremely powerful weaponry to enter it; all you need is your Bear form.

Use your Bear form’s ability to break all the barriers and infiltrate Bandit Stronghold. Aside from loot, you can also find a lot of NPCs with 100% Blood Quality.

Once you transition to mid-game, the best farming location is Dawnbreak Village. It can be accessed in a variety of ways, making it relatively simple to get there.

When it comes to resources, Dawnbreak Village has scrolls, seeds, gems, fish oil, silver, glass, and quartz, waiting for you to collect them.

Another area for early mid-game farming is Mosswick Village. Like Dawnbreak Village, Mosswick Village is home to a lot of resources.

This area has a lot of fishing opportunities and abundant fish oil. You can also farm for cotton yarn, silver, scrolls, and quartz.

Once you finally reach mid-game content, one of the best places to farm is Gloomgrave Village. However, people who live here are plagued by the werewolf curse.

If you do not want to fight werewolves in Gloomgrave Village, farm the area during the day. Gloomgrave Village has whetstones, fish, scrolls, seeds, recipes, and cotton seeds.

In the late mid-game, the best area to farm is Ancient Village. At this point, your gear level will be high enough to access this area safely. Scourgestone, grave dust, ghost shrooms, iron, ghost yarn, spectral dust, and schematics can all be found in this area.

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Spellforce Conquest Of Eo: ALL City Location Guide

Angels watch over this town!

Alexis Ongsansoy



spellforce conquest of eo all city location guide

If you know where you stand but not where the enemy is then that means two things: You’re lost and you have a poor sense of direction. Next thing you know the enemy is right at the base of your tower because someone left the backdoor open for them. Knowing is half the battle after all. Well, that’s according to countless people who happen to have internet access at least. So how do you navigate around Eo without getting lost? Simple, remember where all the major cities are located! If you’ve missed a few places then don’t worry we’ll give the map another look.

SpellForce: Conquest of Eo | All City Location Guide

In this guide we’ll list down every city you’ll come into contact with. Each place comes with its own quests, rewards, units, and blueprints that you will need to benefit your campaign.

spellforce conquest of eo all city location guide2

If you start in one of the recommended areas which is Goldenfields then the first city you will discover should be the City of Lyraine. You can find that on the right side, if you reach maximum friendship here you will unlock the Human Barracks.

Take a left turn however while going northwards and you will find Sevenkeeps. There should be a quest here that lets you recruit either Dwarves or Elves upon completion.

spellforce conquest of eo all city location guide3 1

Head further up north past Stoneblade Peaks and you will end up in Silver Drift Hollow. They don’t offer any recruits but they do offer you Adamantium for a price once you get to know each other better. If you’re looking for another place that has Adamantium then go to The Heart of the Hollow. You can find that place if you go north again coming from Silver Drift Hollow.

spellforce conquest of eo all city location guide4

Next is Bastion, you’ll find this place in Westguard to the left of Sevenkeeps. Head directly south from here and you will shortly arrive in Orgash. This is the place to go if you’re in the market for Orc units, you can also unlock the Orc Barracks here once you befriend its inhabitants.

spellforce conquest of eo all city location guide5

Depending on where or how your exploration goes you will find the town of Alluvyan next. It’s right in the middle of Sevenkeeps and Bastion. You can’t miss it as it’s sitting in the middle of a lake.

spellforce conquest of eo all city location guide6 1

The next place you can stumble upon is Connach in Southwatch. You can find this place by heading south from the City of Lyraine. Reaching maximum friendship with them will get you the Shop building for your tower.

spellforce conquest of eo all city location guide7

Coming from Connach you can navigate around Rushwater Downs and beyond that you will find Audale. Reaching maximum friendship with these people unlocks the Warriors Hall for your tower.

spellforce conquest of eo all city location guide8

Again go north from Audale and you will find the two Dwarf towns of Grey Dusk Vale and Windholme. Another place worth mentioning is Uram Gor but it’s an abandoned Dwarf town so there’s really nothing to see or do there. Paying the place a visit won’t hurt so just head south from Audale and go left from there.

And with that you’re now more familiar with the cities you can find around Eo. Now head on out there and see what lies in store for you!

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