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V Rising: Best Slashers Build Guide

V Rising provides players with full command in creating their own build through the game’s vast selection of weapons and abilities.




There are no premade character classes in V Rising, contrary to what you regularly see in most games. Instead, players are given the opportunity to make unorthodox builds through the many available weapons and abilities.

In fact, one of the most loved builds consists of a somewhat edgy weapon: the Slasher.

Best Slashers Build Guide in V Rising

Slasher builds are basically similar to what you would usually refer to as a Rogue class. Since there is no class system in the game, you will have to make do with your Blood Type, which depends on the blood you consume from humans.

The slasher build utilizes various factors. This guide will teach you the best gear, weapon and magic abilities, and blood type for the Slasher build.

Building a Slasher

Slasher Builds focus primarily on speed and stealth to inflict damage on enemies. When it comes to gear, choose between these two recommended amulets:

  • Sapphire Pendant
  • Topaz Amulet (more recommended for physical damage)

The Slasher Build has three abilities that are unlocked when upgrading the weapon. This build will heavily rely on these three skills:

  • Primary Attack (basic attack)
  • Slasher Skill – Elusive Strike (unlocked when you have a Copper Slasher or higher tier)
  • Camouflage (unlocked when you have an Iron Slasher or higher tier)

For your Blood Type, it is highly recommended to level it up to the high quality as soon as possible. Reaching level 5 of blood quality will give you a 30% bonus on all your blood abilities. The Rogue class is best used for this build.

When it comes to your Magic Abilities, the following skills are recommended:

  • Veil of Chaos – This is a dashing ability that you will use to move around or get away from enemies
  • Veil of Illusion – Use this ability to dash to an area while leaving an illusion to the previous spot
  • Unstable Mosquito – This allows you to summons a mosquito that will chase an enemy and explode
  • Purgatory – You can call down a pillar of energy that slows enemies in an area and heals allies. After a few seconds, the pillar will explode and deal magic damage to enemies and provide more healing to allies.
  • Heart Strike –  You may dash forward and strike enemies in a line, dealing magic damage while healing yourself for a few seconds

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