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V Rising: How to Defeat Mairwyn The Elementalist Guide

You’ll end up fighting against a ton of bosses in V Rising. One of them is Mairwyn the Elementalist who is a high-level boss. As such, proper preparation is key to defeating this powerful foe.




Mairwyn the Elementalist is one of the many bosses you’ll encounter in V Rising. She’s a level 64 boss who specializes in ranged attacks. This makes her quite a tough opponent considering that she’s an endgame encounter as well.

If you’re struggling to defeat this powerful boss, then this guide is for you.

How to Defeat Mairwyn the Elementalist Guide in V Rising

Since Mairwyn is a high-level boss, you have to make sure your weapons and armors are upgraded as high as possible. You can even join a clan and ask for help from your teammates to make the fight a lot easier. Nonetheless, it’s possible to take her on by yourself, though it will be a lot harder.

To fight the boss, you’ll want to track her using the Blood Altar. She will be located on the southwestern portion of Silverlight Hills. Since she’s an elementalist, you can expect her to perform a wide variety of ranged elemental spells.

These spells will be in the form of projectiles that you should dodge. They can be of any element, and if you come unprepared, you’ll most likely die in a few hits. Due to this, your best option is to fight her using a ranged weapon since it will be a lot easier to dodge her spells this way.

Apart from that, she will also perform skill shots that deal a ton of damage. Luckily, you can use them to your advantage, but you’ll need the Chaos Barrier for this.

Whenever she performs any of those skill shots, simply use the Chaos Barrier to block the damage and launch magic projectiles at her to deal damage and inflict Chaos Burn.

What You Can Get after Defeating Her

Once you manage to defeat Mairwyn the Elementalist, you’ll obtain the Crystal Lance ability which launches a chilling projectile, applying the Chill debuff on your target. It also deals magic damage and the projectile will split into smaller ones for extra damage.

Additionally, you’ll obtain the Imperial Thread recipe which is pretty useful in the endgame.

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Terraria: How to Get Lava Charm 1.4.4 Update

The Lava Charm allows you to safely walk on lava without taking any damage for a few seconds, but it’s a rare item that only has a 5% chance of spawning.





Lava is one of the many terrains that you can encounter in Terraria. This one, however, is found deep underground right in the Cavern layer. That said, walking on lava will cause you to take damage per hit, making it quite dangerous if you happen to fall on one.

Luckily, you can prevent that issue with the help of the Lava Charm. In this guide, I’ll show you how you can obtain this item in the new 1.4.4 update.

How to Get Lava Charm 1.4.4 Update in Terraria

The only way to obtain the Lava Charm in the game is by looking for it in Hellstone and Obsidian Crates. However, it only has a 5% chance of spawning, which means you’ll have to look into various chests to find one.

You can make the process a lot easier by using seed

Credits: Udisen Games

As soon as you get there, you’ll want to open your inventory and use the Magic Conch. Then, make sure that you teleport to the ocean on the farthest left. Then, use your drill and dig deep straight into the ground until you reach the Caverns

Once you do, head to the right and go through the small tunnel on a diagonal pattern until you stumble upon some lava pools. Here, simply look for chests on the ground and hope that they contain a Lava Charm.

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