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V Rising: Trader Guide for Silver Resistance | Trader Locations

In V Rising, you can trade and buy specific items from traders or merchants that move around an area, but you will need to know their location first.




Knowing the location of traders and merchants in V Rising has a lot of perks. This means you can buy certain special items from them. There are currently three of them in the game, but some of them change their locations from time to time, making it a hassle to locate them. Don’t worry.

This guide will solve that issue for you. Let’s look at the trader and merchant locations in V Rising below.

Trader Guide for Silver Resistance in V Rising

There are a total of 3 merchants in V Rising that you can trade with, namely, Gavyn the Shady Dealer, Berk the Travelling Trader, and Ottar the Merchant. Keep in mind that you are feared and despised by humans as a vampire.

If you want to interact with these NPCs, you must take on a human form. These NPCs will offer you items in exchange for Silver which is unfortunately poisonous to vampires. Thus, it’s vital to initially build up your Silver Resistance.

Trader Locations

Gavyn the Shady Dealer can be found near the Bandit Copper Mine and Armory Regions on the western edge of the Farbane Woods. He is usually roaming around these areas.

Berk the Travelling Trader, as his name implies, is a trader who, like Gavyn, is constantly on the go. He is guaranteed to be found in all areas of Dunley Farmlands. But mostly on the southeastern edge, near Dawnbreak Village, or Militia Encampment.

Unlike the previous two traders, you can find Ottar the Merchant in only one location. On the southern edge of Silverlight Hills, Ottar is inside a house at Brighthaven Slums.

Developing Silver Resistance

As a Vampire, you will take damage when you carry Silver. Since Traders exchange items for Silver coins, you will need some sort of protection to prevent yourself from perishing.

Here are some ways to develop a Silver Resistance:

  • Wear a Cloak: Certain cloaks give an additional Silver Resistance once equipped. These are the Hunter’s Cloak, Ashfolk Crystal Ice Cloak, Thousand-Stitch Cloak, and Hermit’s Shawl
  • Make Potions: Some potions can also increase your Silver Resistance. The Silver Resistance Brew and the Silver Resistance Potion are two examples.

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