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Lost Ark: How to Get to the Flowering Orchard

Receive a hefty amount of rewards from the Mokoko seeds in the Flowering Orchard.




Given that Lost Ark is a massively multiplayer online RPG, players are able to enjoy and wander the vast land of this open world map. This makes the players more connected to the elements of the game as they have full control over where they would go in the game.

One of the places that challenge the players the most is the Flowering Orchard. But through this guide, we will show you how you can get there.

Flowering Orchard in Lost Ark

Source: Bue

Makoko seeds are items in Lost Ark that you will find extremely useful as you further progress in the game. These are collectible items that can be used as currency in order to give your character rewards which depend on the number of seeds you already have.

One of the places that you would want to go to obtain a lot of it would be the Flowering Orchard.

Flowering Orchard Location in Lost Ark

Source: Bue

Despite the usual sentiments of most players that the Flowering Orchard is hard to find, it can actually be easily seen from the map.

The first thing that you have to do is simply look at the map of East Lutera. From there, you can instantly see the Flowering Orchard in the southeastern area of the region.

As implied in its name, it is a vast land where you can find different greeneries which will be essential for your gameplay. This is also where you can locate some important places such as the Sien Inn.

Once you wander enough here and complete some tasks and quests, you will be able to collect some Makoko seeds that you can use to get valuable prizes and rewards for your characters which includes different rarities from epic to legendary ones.

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