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Lost Ark: How to Obtain Free Pheons

Pheon is one of the available currencies in the free-to-play game Lost Ark, and a valuable resource. This guide will explain not only what they are, but how to obtain them for free.




Lost Ark is a free-to-play (FTP) MMORPG, filled with countless hours of content. Naturally, there exists numerous forms of currency for which you use to obtain rewards.

These can be obtained in-game (through natural progression and resource farming) or by using real money – something which continues to aggravate many players of online MMORPGs to this day. If you’re not looking to shell out real-world currency for in-game advancements, we’ve got a guide for you on how to obtain free pheons in Lost Ark.

How to Obtain Free Pheons in Lost Ark

What exactly is the purpose of Pheons in the game of Lost Ark? Pheons are essentially implemented to ‘ward off’ scalpers. They are used when purchasing rare items from the Auction House, either via trading or bidding. As Pheons are used on high-end gear, they function as a sort of trading tax that is supposed to discourage PTW (pay-to-win) players from buying their way to the top. Of course, pay-to-win players can also circumvent this system by shelling out for Pheon itself.

Pheon also does serve the purpose of helping to keep pricing on high rolled items lower by reducing the mass amount of demand you may see in other MMORPGs, while slowing down people trying to sell gold.

So, how to obtain them through the game?

  • Daily Login. Lost Ark will have events continually running, which include promos to help you boost your Pheons. Previously, logging in daily would net you rewards, including a whole bunch of free Pheons.
  • Utilizing Blue Crystals. You can exchange Blue Crystals for Pheons. Generally, it would cost around 850 Blue Crystals to obtain 100 Pheons. You can get Blue Crystals either by trading Gold for them, or using Royal Crystals. Gold is easily obtained throughout gameplay – by looting, completing quests, and progressing the campaign. Royal Crystals on the other hand would have to be purchased with real world currency, which defeats the purpose of this guide.
  • Amethyst Shards. These can be obtained through adding ~50 friends to your friends list, or randomly through certain Twitch drops. You’ll be able to obtain 125 Pheons completely free by visiting an Amethyst Shard Vendor and spending these shards to obtain Pheon in exchange.

How exactly do you go about getting Blue Crystals from the Lost Ark shop?

  • Head to the Lost Ark shop.
  • Select the “Currency Exchange” option in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.
  • Once there, select the “Buy Crystals” option.
  • Set the selling price as “Recommended Sale Price.”
  • You can also adjust the quantity here.
  • Once you select the “Add” button, it will notify you about the details of your transaction.
  • Once you are informed that the transaction has been completed, select “Claim” to obtain the crystals.
  • If using Royal Crystals – first convert them into Gold, and then follow all the above steps.

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