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Lost Ark Bracelet Guide

What is so intriguing about this special accessory?

Sumera Bakshi



In Lost Ark, bracelets are a special item that you can equip to receive battle bonuses and increase your stats. However, some bracelets are better than others, just like anything else.

Starting at item level 1490, you can farm bracelets from the Legion General Brelshaza raid as well as the Chaos Dungeon and Guardian Raid content.

Meanwhile, ancient rarity bracelets become available from content at level 1540.

To help you choose the bracelets that are ideal for you, we’ve created this short guide on how you can re-roll and disassemble or replace them.

Rerolling a Bracelet

Source: Augiesaint

Before you begin, you should know that bracelets are categorized into the following tiers:

SCirculate, Hammer, Fervor
AAmbush, Precise, Battle
BExpose Weakness, Dagger
CSuperiority, Raid
FHarvest, Weapon Power, Sawtooth Blade, Wedge

You want to choose whether you wish to use, sell, or trade your bracelet before rolling it again.

If you don’t start the procedure, the bracelet will become bound to you and become untradeable in the process.

Once you’re ready, here’s what you should keep in mind when rerolling:

  • Rerolling costs silver, and the price goes up each time you reroll.
  • Only up to four rerolls are allowed.
  • Re-rolling is not possible for stats and effects with a blue lock icon.
  • Stats can be manually locked before each try so they won’t be rerolled.

You can roll or have one of three types of effects on a bracelet:

  • Primary stats: Dexterity, Intelligence, and Strength
  • Crit, specialization, dominance, quickness, endurance, and expertise
  • Different special effects

Also, a bracelet can include a maximum of 2 substations. Meanwhile, the range of stats that can be rolled grows as the Bracelet’s rarity increases.

For instance, you can only roll up to 100 Crit on a relic bracelet while you can roll up to 120 Crit on an ancient bracelet.

Disassembling and Replacing

Source: Augiesaint

Confirm that the Bracelet has a suitable combination of stats before you disassemble it. Think about putting those you can’t use to good use in the Auction House so others can!

They may be extremely valuable in terms of gold. The “useless” Bracelets or the one you re-rolled into oblivion can be disassembled for a minuscule fraction of its former value in shards.

You can amass these over time and trade them in for brand-new ones at the Bracelet NPC.

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