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Tower of Fantasy: The Lost Sea Event Guide | Everything You Need to Know

Find beacons and get gift vouchers during the event!




The Lost Sea event has started, celebrating the new update for Tower of Fantasy! During the event, you can use navigators to find Gift Vouchers which you can then use in the shop.

You also want to get on it ASAP to maximize the rewards. The event will end on April 06, 2023 at 04:00:00 PM!

If you’re ready to start doing this event and get all of the event’s rewards, read on! This guide will tell you everything you should know about it.

How to Complete the “The Lost Sea” Event in Tower of Fantasy

Source: Touch Me Not

To start the event, claim your navigators from the in-game event menu. You can claim up to 3 navigators each day.

Once you’ve claimed them, use them to place a beacon radius on your map. Approach the area shown on the map.

Source: Touch Me Not

We recommend starting your search from the very middle of the circular area on the map.

Either way, use your HF Navigator again once you are inside the marked area. This will show you pictures as hints.

All you need to do now is to head toward the locations on the pictures. Look for an orange glow and approach it.

Source: Touch Me Not

Stand inside the glow and use your HF Navigator one more time. The process takes a bit to complete, so you should make sure to take out nearby enemies before you start!

Once it’s finished, you will get 700 Gift Vouchers! You can use these to exchange for various rewards in the shop while the event lasts.

Just repeat the process for all of the navigators. Make sure to do this daily while the event lasts!

Since you get 3 navigators each day, you can get 2100 Gift Vouchers daily. You should be able to clear out all the limited shop rewards in just a few days.

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