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Tower of Fantasy: Akura List of Targets Locations

Defeat one of the unique enemies in the list of targets




Version 2.0 of Tower of Fantasy was just launched on October 20. Vera, a new section in the game, will be unveiled in this significant update. It takes place in a desert populated by space-traveling creatures.

Fear not, though, for Vera’s inhabitants reside in the cyberpunk pyramid city of Mirroria.

While exploring Vera, you may run into some brand-new foes and monsters. One of them is the Dawnwalker Akura, which we shall locate for you.

Akura List of Targets Locations in Tower of Fantasy

Source: ZaFrostPet.

You can advance your world exploration in Tower of Fantasy. The Crown Mines area of Aesperia is an example. You can earn world exploration points by engaging in world exploration activities such as finding black and gold nucleus, opening supply pods, and more.

Earn scenic points and successfully take down a unique enemy for the first time. You can also earn world exploration points. One of those particular foes is the Dawnwalker Akura.

Finding Dawnwalker Akura

Source: ZaFrostPet.

Between Mirroria Outpost and Old Mirroria City Grounds, Dawnwalker Akura is situated in an oasis. It is in one of Sandstorm Grounds’ lists of targets for world exploration.

Source: ZaFrostPet.

A powerful variation of the Gooseneck Beast is Dawnbreaker Akura. It is larger than the typical one and is white in color.

To the element of flame, it is weak. It is challenging to defeat, so you might need to round up your crew or friends to assist you.

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