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Tower of Fantasy: Beast Arena Guide | Best Beasts, Stamina, Skill, Feed

Your ultimate guide for ToF: Beast Arena, Skills, Stamina, Beasts and more!

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Tower of Fantasy: Beast Arena Guide | Best Beasts, Stamina, Skill, Feed

Tower of Fantasy boasts a plethora of content for players to enjoy and dive into as part of the Tower of Fantasy gaming experience. As such, the Beast Brawl Arena is one such addition to the game.

This minigame is often referred to as an extension of the Beast Taming system. Here, Wanderers can raise combat beasts to challenge the beasts from other Wanderers (players) in thrilling matchups.

Today, we’ll explore this Beast Brawl Arena and give you the best tips and tricks, the best beasts to tame, stamina, skills, and more. So dive right in and let’s get started!

Tower of Fantasy taming

How to Get Mutated Beasts

To get mutated beasts, you must first capture regular beasts. The process from here is simple, feed them until you get a notification that the beast has mutated. This has a chance of happening the first time the beast levels up.

Note that when feeding combat beasts, you need to use combat feed items (small, medium, and large) for the beast in question to gain battle EXP.

Tower of Fantasy How to Get Mutated Beasts


After engaging in combat, the combat beast will lose 1 stamina. The amount of stamina points depends entirely on the beast’s level. Leveling up your combat beast will allow it to have more stamina points.

Early on, you can save stamina by using only 1 beast with elemental advantage (we will cover this later) per battle. Note that without stamina you cannot engage in combat!

ToF Stamina
Source: Michuzak

Recycling Beasts

An important thing that new players often overlook is the option to recycle beasts in exchange for combat feed. This means that you can get free food without needing to buy it from the shop and spend valuable coins on it.

The feed that you get in return is classified as small combat feed but it is useful nonetheless and players should use this, especially in the beginning.

Tower of Fantasy Beast recycling

Beast Skills

Mutated beasts can only be fed 2 times per day. This means that you want to use the small combat feed on secondary beasts (beasts that are not part of your main roster) and use them to acquire coins so you can buy a large combat feed later.

Large combat feed gives more EXP, thus leveling your main beasts via the large combat feed is way more effective. This will earn you more skill points in return.

To put this into perspective, 2 large combat feeds on day 1 can level up your beast to level 5!

Tower of Fantasy Beasts
Source: PlayStation.Blog

Elemental Advantage

Now we come to arguably the most interesting part of combat mechanics when it comes to the Beast Brawl Arena.

This is the concept of elemental advantage which you will want to exploit early on as much as you possibly can. The list of elements can be seen below:

  • Flame – advantageous against Frost
  • Frost – advantageous against Volt
  • Volt – advantageous against Flame
  • Physical – advantageous against Altered
  • Altered – advantageous against Physical

Best Beast to Use – Attack

With so many options to choose from, getting started with your first beast can be a pain. However, there is 1 specific beast that you can get for free in the first few days that will make you overpowered in combat – the G – Arachnas.

This beast is “perfectly balanced” and will not, laughs*, give you an obvious advantage over your opponents. The G – Arachnas is located in the Confounding Abyss and is a level 6 creature.

Tower of Fantasy  G-Arachnas

Best Beast to Use – Defense

The Herba Tiger is probably your best bet when it comes to defending. The reason for this is that often, when you first get this beast, you also get a bonus on frost resistance making this one of the more powerful elemental combos in the game early on.

This beast can be found at Joltville and is relatively easy to tame once you get there.

ToF - Herba Tiger

Skills – Attack & Defense

Getting started in Tower of Fantasy: Beast Brawl Arena can be difficult at times due to so many options to choose from.

However, what stands out early on is the ability to self-heal. The Advanced Self-Healing skill grants you a recovery of 1% of your max HP each second. This is by far the best option you can go for, in both offense and defense.

Other skills you can utilize early on include:

  • Advanced Attack – +20% ATK.
  • Advanced Aiming – +40% chance of a critical hit.
  • Advanced Vanguard – +30% ATK in the first 20 seconds of combat.
  • Advanced Vigor – +20% max HP.
  • Advanced Hardening – +15% DEF.

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