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Tower of Fantasy: How to Get Nano Protective Film | Jellyfish Cave Puzzle

Solve a puzzle involving jellyfish and get gear to protect yourself from lava!




The new 2.4 update is out for Tower of Fantasy, bringing new content and challenges for players. This includes a new underwater area, which also houses a volcano!

However, you can’t explore the volcano at all until you get the Nano Protective Film by completing a quest. This quest has a particularly annoying puzzle, known as the Jellyfish Cave.

Read on if you need help with this quest and puzzle! We’ll go over everything you need to know.

How to Solve the Jellyfish Cave Puzzle in Tower of Fantasy

Source : Michuzak

To complete the quest for the Nano Protective Film, you will need to get a Resilient Film from the Jellyfish Cave.

As you enter the cave, look for 4 different Jellyfish. For now, you just need to swim up to each of them and activate them.

Source : Michuzak

Note that you can touch the glowing purple plants for a speed boost if you want.

After that, things get a bit tougher. You now have to activate 3 different jellyfish, but you have to carefully watch your timing.

After activating a jellyfish, it will swim in a circle, going through different open egg-like corals. Your goal is to time the activation of the 3 jellyfish so they activate all the corals at the same time.

Source : Michuzak

Get in a position like shown in the picture above so that you have a clear view of all jellyfish.

Start by activating the closest jellyfish to your right, then swim to the jellyfish to your left. Look back to where you came from so you have a view of the first jellyfish.

Shortly after the first jellyfish goes through the coral, activate the second jellyfish. Now quickly swim towards the last unactivated jellyfish!

Face the first jellyfish again and wait until it’s about to reach a coral. If you position yourself like the picture above, the exact timing is when the jellyfish swims over the rightmost spiky rock.

Source : Michuzak

If you did it right, all jellyfish will enter the coral at the same time, solving the puzzle.

If you couldn’t get the timing right, reset the area by fast traveling to another nearby location and coming back.

With the most annoying part of the quest done, you now just need to pick up a few more materials to get the Nano Protective Film.

Getting the Remaining Materials

The next material on the list is Ambergris. This is found by following the whale in the Grand Sea. It swims around the area marked as “The Ring.”

It’s quite simple, just follow the whale for a while and it will drop Ambergris sporadically. Pick it up and you’re done.

Speaking of the whale, don’t attack it! It’s an extremely powerful foe, and you have no real reason to fight it.

Next, you will need to get 20 High-Spec Sensors. These are scattered all over the Grand Sea, and there are way more than just 20 littered about.

You should find them naturally as you explore. To make things easier, they show up on your in-game radar.

Bring all of these materials back to Aki at Innars and she will request a final item: Elementia.

Elementia can only be obtained by killing the world boss Scylla. Thankfully, you can get the help of other players to make quick work of her!

Once you’ve got this final ingredient, go back to Aki to finish the quest and get the Nano Protective Film.

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