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Tower of Fantasy vs Genshin Impact – What Is the Difference?

Professional gaming connoisseurs telling apart two superficially identical games

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Tower of Fantasy vs Genshin Impact - What Is the Difference?

Two identical-looking games at first glance, or are they? Genshin Impact and Tower of Fantasy are some of the best-known titles in the gaming world nowadays. Constantly transforming and evolving ever further, these action-RPG games are growing more popular each day.

However, when you look at them side by side, it becomes hard to tell them apart. That is why today we’ll go over all the differences that make Genshin Impact and Tower of Fantasy unique in their own way. We will cover the basics from graphics to combat mechanics and overall gaming experience. So without further ado, let’s get started!

Genshin Impact vs Tower of Fantasy Comparison


Being the professionals that we are, we immediately spotted one crucial difference between Genshin Impact and Tower of Fantasy. Namely, the graphics and the artwork style. Duh!

Upon closer inspection, one can notice slight differences between the two and the attention to detail in certain aspects. For example, Genshin Impact, developed by miHoYo, has a clear advantage over Tower of Fantasy. Having spent millions on its development, it’s no wonder their game has more details, better architecture, character design, level design, and more.

Genshin Impact screenshot
Source: Polygon

This is not to say that Tower of Fantasy is bad in any way. Far from it, Tower of Fantasy is most definitely one of the most beautiful games out there with gorgeous design. We would just like to give praise where it is due because of their astonishing attention to detail and commitment to making it perfect.

In the end, both games deserve praise for what they have done. Each stands out with its unique design and the attempt to create something truly special.

Combat Mechanics

Yet another area where the two games appear identical is combat mechanics. If we look at the two games side by side, however, it becomes clear one is more fast-paced, while the other requires a more careful approach to combat.

The reason for this is the stamina-draining mechanic in Genshin Impact. When engaging in combat in Genshin Impact, you have to make small pauses to regain stamina and continue with your attacks. This goes to show that Tower of Fantasy is more fast-paced, delivering faster blows and hits than is the case with Genshin Impact.

That is to say, your attacks, depending on the amount of damage they deal, will slowly drain away your stamina bar. This makes Genshin Impact feel slower than it needs to be, especially for new players.

Tower of Fantasy

World Exploration

Players familiar with both Genshin Impact and Tower of Fantasy often complain that there is a significant difference in how the two games approach the open-world concept. As one player stated:

I wish they add more mobility options to Genshin, I’ve seen that ToF has more freedom and options when it comes to movement and world explorationI wish they add more mobility options to Genshin, I’ve seen that ToF has more freedom and options when it comes to movement and world exploration

Mike Ito

It would seem that the different ideologies when it comes to these 2 games divide the gaming community as to which is better. Nonetheless, we believe it is good that the two differ in such ways to suit different audiences and make more players happy with these games.

Tower of Fantasy screenshot
Source: SteamDB

Multiplayer Options

Last but not least, one major difference between Genshin Impact and Tower of Fantasy is their approach to multiplayer options. In short, Genshin Impact has very limited multiplayer options, while Tower of Fantasy is a much more developed MMO game with content you can explore with friends. This includes bosses, engaging puzzles, world exploration, etc.

For some players, this is a welcome change to Genshin Impact and a more suitable alternative. However, as we mentioned earlier, both games have a target audience and some gamers prefer a single-player experience to multiplayer. As such, it would be wrong to take away from the value of the game based solely on this aspect. Both have an enormous contribution to the gaming world and we’re proud of them!

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