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Wuthering Waves vs Genshin Impact – Which is Better?

They might be free, but we don’t all have the time for both!




Wuthering Waves has been turning heads since its announcement, mostly drawing comparisons vs Genshin Impact… but which one is better?

Both games might seem extremely similar at the surface level, but they both actually aim for very different things once you break them down.

In this article, we’ll tell you the main pros and cons of Wuthering Waves vs Genshin Impact to help you decide which one is better for you.

Wuthering Waves – Pros and Cons

Wuthering Waves screenshot

Now, before we dive into our dissection of Wuthering Waves, be aware that the game is still not fully released.

We only have impressions from the Closed Betas to go off of, and things might change for the full release!

Nonetheless, we can already tell that Wuthering Waves’ biggest pro over Genshin Impact will be its overall gameplay.

Wuthering Waves screenshot

Movement is fast and fluid, thanks to things like the ability to grapple, climb, and glide. Exploring the world is a joy, thanks to how fun the traversal is!

On top of that, the exploration is rewarded through many fun puzzles, mini-games, and treasures. This ultimately makes exploration feel like it

Wuthering Waves screenshot

Combat is by far the best part of Wuthering Waves’ gameplay, though. Each character feels extremely distinct, and more focus is placed on the player’s skills than on their team-building knowledge.

There’s a big emphasis on properly timing your dodges and parries to counter-attack your foes, making battles feel tense and riveting!

It’s a challenging combat system that will require you to properly master your characters’ abilities and learn the attack patterns of your enemies.

However, as we said before, we only really have the Closed Betas to go off on right now.

Wuthering Waves screenshot

This means that we don’t yet have access to the game’s endgame content, so we have no idea if the combat will stay this strong.

As for the biggest downside of Wuthering Waves, we simply have to mention the amount of content and story.

Whether you like the story or not will vary for everyone, of course, but the production values and amount of content aren’t on Genshin Impact’s level.

Which, we’ll admit, is a tad unfair. Genshin Impact has had years of development at this point, after all…

Genshin Impact – Pros and Cons

Genshin Impact screenshot

If you’re at all interested in Genshin Impact, you’ll probably already know one of its big pros: presentation.

Genshin Impact has a quality of presentation, particularly in its main cutscene, that rivals that of full-priced AAA games.

It’s actually a little surreal to see these beautifully-animated cutscenes in a free-to-play game.

On top of that, the game has gotten hundreds of updates over the many years it has been available. That means, there’s a massive amount of content available for you to play through.

Genshin Impact screenshot

The story has also been very well developed so far, with charming characters and a lot of lore for players to dig into.

Genshin Impact’s world is also quite massive at this point, too. There have been multiple new regions added over the year, each one with its own unique quirks and gimmicks for exploration.

Let’s be real: it would take you months of playing to get through everything the game has to offer right now!

However, Genshin Impact’s moment-to-moment gameplay isn’t particularly engaging for a lot of players.

Genshin Impact screenshot

Its combat is particularly easy, which makes the game appealing to more casual players but unappealing to more hardcore gamers.

Characters can feel relatively similar, with some of them being only useful as passive members of your party.

It’s far from a bad combat system, mind you, but it’s just a rather simple and easy one that is more aimed toward casual players.

Genshin Impact screenshot

The simplified combat gameplay makes you instead have to rely more on team building. Having the right party with the right equipment is more important than moment-to-moment decisions in combat!

This does, in a way, make Genshin Impact a tad more relaxing experience overall, to be fair. But we simply find Wuthering Waves’ combat much more engaging and fun.

In Conclusion

Genshin Impact screenshot

Ultimately, it’s a bit too early to tell which one is really better Wuthering Waves or Genshin Impact.

What’s more, their unique differences set them apart and fit different types of gamers, even if they look very similar on a surface level.

We would recommend Genshin Impact to players who want a more casual gameplay experience that focuses on team building above all.

It’s also a great recommendation for those seeking a massive and enthralling story, with years worth of content to dive into!

Wuthering Waves screenshot

On the other hand, we would recommend Wuthering Waves to gamers who want exhilarating combat and great exploration.

If you love games where you have to land split-second parries to win, this is for you!

There’s not as much content as its competition due to it being so early, though, and the story feels like it’s secondary to the gameplay.

Either way, we hope we’ve helped you decide which one of these games to play. Remember, though, they’re both free-to-play, so you could check them out for free if you’ve got the time to spare!

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