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Wuthering Waves: Elemental Reaction System Explained

Take control of the elements




The Elemental system in Wuthering Waves can be quite tricky to get the hang of. Besides the normal elements and elemental damage that you can deal with, you can also combine 2 elements.

Our guide gives you an in-depth look at the Elemental Reaction system in Wuthering Waves. There are quite several different elemental combinations in this game, with many of them having different reactions.

Elemental Reaction System Explained

There are a total of 6 different elements in Wuthering Waves. Out of the 6, 4 are basic elements, and 2 are more special ones.


  • Fusion – Fire
  • Glacio – Ice
  • Conducto – Lightning
  • Aero – Wind


  • Havoc – Dark
  • Spectra – Light

Each playable character in the game has an element attached to them. Elements in this game can be combined using Concerto attacks. These are Quick Time Event(QTE) attacks that you can perform with all playable characters in the game.

All elements in the game can be combined together to cause a reaction. The first 4 elements will give you standard elemental reactions. You can get more advanced and special reactions by combining the 4 basic elements with either Havoc or Spectra.

concerto energy bar at the bottom of the screen

The Concerto attacks are performed when switching between 2 characters. It’s important to note that, Concerto attacks can only be performed when your character’s Concerto Energy bar is full. This bar is located at the bottom of your screen.

Each combination of elements will give you a different bonus when combined. There are 5 different types of Concerto Effects that you can get through these combinations.

Concerto Effect: Ensemble

ensemble effect

The first combination of elements is called Ensemble. Ensemble Concerto effects can be achieved by basic elemental combinations. So for example, Aero and Fusion together will lead to a Heat Ensemble effect. Combining the 2 will give you a 40% DMG increase for normal and heavy attacks for 12 seconds.

As there are 4 basic elements in the game, you can get 6 different combinations here. Each combination will have its own reaction and bonus that it provides.

Concerto Effect: Legato

legato effect

Besides combining the basic elements together, you can also combine them with Havoc. This Concerto Effect is known as Legato. By triggering the Legato effect, you will get a 20% increase in DMG to all resonating skills for 15 seconds.

Concerto Effect: Sustenance

sustenance effect

For this effect, you will need to combine 1 of the basic elements with Spectra. When the elements are combined, you will trigger a short time slow around your character. Compared to the other 2 effects, you don’t get any sort of direct buff here.

The time slow that you do get is very handy though. Being able to slow time gives you a big boost in combat, allowing you to perform harder combos and deal more damage.

Concerto Effect: Duet

duet effect

So far, our 3 different effects focused on combinations that used basic elements. Concerto Effect: Duet is different from these, as it combines the two special elements together. A combination of Spectra and Havoc gives you a 20% in DMG to all elements for 12 seconds.

In terms of how strong the effects are, the Duet effect is probably the strongest one in the game. The buff applying to all elements makes it one of the easiest to utilize.

Concerto Effect: Unison

Finally, we have the Concerto Effect: Unison. Instead of combining 2 different elements, you will need to combine the same element to achieve this effect.

The Unison Effect like Sustenance will not give you a buff. Instead of getting a buff, the effect deals bonus damage around your character.

Wuthering Waves’ overall gameplay is pretty fast-paced and challenging. By triggering the different Concerto Effects, you can increase your damage and make the game much more enjoyable.

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