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Wuthering Waves: Ultimate Combat Guide | Elements, Skills and More

Learn the fast paced combat system of Wuthering Waves!




A lot of players are excited to learn about the Wuthering Waves combat system. The developer’s previous game Punishing Grey Raven presents some of the best combat in the genre, and Wuthering Waves looks like it upholds that legacy.

There are a lot of different things that come together to make the combat system as good as it is. We’ll be going through everything in depth in this article.

Ultimate Combat Guide | Elements, Skills, and More

Wuthering Waves has some combat mechanics which are standard RPG mechanics. The game does feature some unique mechanics as well that really help it stand out from its competitors such as Genshin Impact. Some of these mechanics are affected by the fact that this is a gacha game, so keep that in mind. 


In Wuthering Waves, you can use 6 different elements to attack your enemies. They have special in-game names which are replacements for standard RPG elements. These are:

  • Fusion = Fire
  • Glacio = Ice
  • Conducto = Lightning 
  • Aero = Wind
  • Havoc = Dark
  • Spectra = Light
Elements in Wuthering Waves

Attack Types

Every character has access to 5 different kinds of attacks, all of which are used for different things. They are listed below:

  • Normal Attack
  • Heavy Attack
  • Plunge Attack
  • Evasion Attack
  • Parry

Heavy and Plunge attacks deal more damage, but they use up your stamina when used. To regenerate your stamina, you can do a well-timed evasion attack. All of these attacks use your standard attack button.

Dodging in Wuthering Waves

Normal Attacks come out when pressing the button normally, while Heavy attacks are a result of holding the button down. To do Plunge attacks, you press the attack button in mid-air. To do an Evasion attack, you have to attack after dodging.

 For Parries, just time press your attack button so that it hits the enemy’s incoming attack. The game has an indicator for parries in the form of yellow circles surrounding enemies. 

Parrying in Wuthering Waves

Some bosses have a white meter below their health bar. This can be depleted by either damaging the boss or for massive depletion, you can parry their attacks. Bosses enter a Stun state when this gauge is depleted, giving you more time to attack. 

Resonator Skills

Each character has a special skill that corresponds to that character’s abilities. These skills could be damage-dealing, healing-based, or provide buffs and debuffs. Making effective use of each of these Resonator Skills can give you an invaluable advantage during battle. 

Resonator Skill in Wuthering Waves

Resonance Circuit

Every character has a unique Resonance Circuit ability as well. This is shown by a gauge over their health bar. This is unique for every character, and the way to charge it is different for every character as well.

Circuit in Wuthering Waves

As an example, one of the characters charges this up by dealing heavy attacks. She can then consume her HP to deal a special attack that deals massive Havoc damage. This adds depth to the combat system and a layer of decision-making.

Resonance Liberation

Each character has an Ultimate Move that can be charged up over time. It can be used to trigger a special animation that does massive damage. To charge these up, you can use skills or just attack the enemy normally.

Ultimate Skill in Wuthering Waves

As you can see, there’s a lot of unique and fun mechanics to play around with in Wuthering Waves. There are a lot of unlockable characters too, and with so many options, you’ll be able to play for hundreds of hours without running out of things to do!

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