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Wuthering Waves: How the Echo System Works

Why fight alone when there’s perfectly good echoes?




Wuthering Waves presents a lot of options to the players. This makes the combat system very fun to explore and experiment with. One of these unique combat elements is the Echo system.

The Echo system isn’t really explained well in the game currently. We’re here to help you out!

How the Echo System Works

The echo system is reminiscent of the Pokemon system. You can catch some enemies and either summon them or use their stats to help you in combat. The specificities of the system are elaborated on below.

Main and Substat Echoes

In your Echo tab, the Echo on the left will be your main Echo. This is the Echo that can be summoned in battle. They usually come with a main stat such as a huge critical rate boost. Their consonant stats aren’t used, however.

All the echoes to the right of the main one are called Substat Echoes. These can not be directly used, but they will increase your substats. This increase is dictated by their consonant stats.

Echoes in Wuthering Waves


Another neat feature of the Echo system is the Sonatas system. In this system, you can get bonuses such as a boost to Electro damage by combining a set of certain Echoes together. These bonuses can vary a lot and are generally very useful to have as part of your arsenal. 

Sonatas in Wuthering Waves

Leveling Up Echoes

Echoes can be leveled up by spending some resources which are specific to each one. When leveling up Substat Echoes, they offer some sort of stat boost. For example, they might offer an Attack, Crit Rate, or HP Boost. 

Consonants in Wuthering Waves

Echo Tiers

Echoes are Tiered with colors in this game. Their tiers from top to bottom are denoted by the following colors:

  • Gold
  • Purple 
  • Blue
  • Green
Echo Tiers in Wuthering Waves

Resonance Terminal

Resonance Terminals are basically used as Pokeballs. You can capture echoes using these. The level of your Resonance Terminal dictates what level of Echoes you can catch. We recommend that whenever you see any echoes while exploring, fight and try to capture them.

This will help you level up your Resonance Terminal faster, which is going to help out a lot, especially in the endgame. The Boss Class echoes which are the Overlord and Calamity classes require a pretty high-level resonance terminal to be caught.

Resonance Terminal in Wuthering Waves

Hopefully, as the development of the game progresses, this whole system will be easier to understand and use. For now, though, this guide should help you get started with using Echoes and having fun with them. 

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