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Wuthering Waves: Echo Farming Guide

Get a lot more Echoes




Echoes are an essential part of Wuthering Waves, as they provide you with many different benefits. The main way to get Echoes in this game is by farming them.

We will be looking at how Echo farming in Wuthering Waves works, and the best way for you to farm Echoes. Maximizing the Echoes you farm is very important in Wuthering Waves, and the game rewards you for farming a lot of them.

Echo Farming Guide

echo gallery

You can farm Echoes by taking down various non-human enemies in the wilderness. Echoes are possible drops from these enemies, but they are not certain.

Echoes that you collect can be viewed in the Echo Gallery. The Echo Gallery allows you to see every Echo that you have collected so far. You can access this gallery at any time you want and it is a good way to keep track of all the Echos you still need to unlock.

data bank showing you the progression you have made and relevant information

The Data Bank in Wuthering Waves shows you the progress you have made in collecting Echoes. A leveling system is in place here, and collecting more Echoes will increase your Data Bank level.

The Data Dock Information section shows you important information regarding Echo Farming. It shows you the drop rate percentage and the chance of getting better drops. Higher Data Bank levels increase the odds of getting better Echoes.

Echo farming can seem a bit tedious, but it gets much easier as you collect more Echoes. Having high tier Echoes is essential going into the late game, and the only way to get these higher-tier Echoes is by farming all the Echoes that you can.

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