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All Truth’s Steps in A Parade of Providence – Genshin Impact

Why try to figure out the answers to truth’s steps when you can get them all here?




Some people play Genshin Impact and pay attention to every single detail. Those people don’t mind investigating and figuring out all the tough questions in the game themselves.

Other players don’t want to do any of that.

If you’re a player who just wants the answers, continue with this guide.

Find Truth’s Steps in A Parade of Providence in Genshin Impact Answers Part 1, 2, 3

There are three different parts to finding truth’s steps. Don’t worry about racking your brain, all three steps are covered below.

Part 1

First, walk up to Bahar and choose Yes when asked if you want to give Truth’s steps a go. Select part one, then choose Begin Analyzing to get started.

Bahar will then ask you her first question about how Beydim left the mire. Choose “By being a good flyer.

She will then ask what Beydim was. Choose “Dusk Bird.

For the last question of part 1, you will be asked about why Beydim was wet all over. Choose “Beydim did not bring any waterproof gear.

After picking all the right answers, you’ll be congratulated. Choose “So about the next story” to keep going.

Part 2

Start up the next part by selecting “Begin Analyzing.”

Your first question will be about why the mentor is angry. Choose “Because he could not obtain the letter.

The next question will be about who last came in contact with the letter. Choose “The Darshan staff member who was in charge of passing on the letter.”

Just two more questions in this part. This one is about where the letter is. Choose “The mentor’s office.

For the final question, you’ll be asked what was within the letter. Choose “The keys to the office.

The second part is now complete, and you can move on to the third.

Part 3

When the third part starts up, select Begin Analyzing.

Your first question will be about the current status of the leave permits. Choose “All the leave permits are with those who should have them.

The next question will ask if everyone took a leave permit. Choose “Everyone took a leave permit.

For the very last question, you’ll be asked why there was one leave permit slip left in the box. Choose “The Person who took that slip took the box too.”

And that’s it! All the questions have been answered, and you’re good to go.

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