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Skull and Bones: Which Edition to Buy? Standard vs Premium

Find out should you save on the standard edition or cash out the premium one!

Nedim Fetahovic



Skull and Bones: Which Edition to Buy? Standard vs Premium

Skull and Bones, developed by Ubisoft, is set to release in February 2024. This long-anticipated title has the gaming community on its feet, often described as the Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag sequel. With good reason too.

Set in the golden age of piracy, you can craft your ships, fight mighty battles, and loot epic booty to advance further in the game. The game itself doesn’t lack content, that’s for sure and players will have ample opportunities to try it out themselves once the game launches.

Skull and Bones: Which Edition to Buy

Do note that the game will not be available on Steam. For now, it is reserved for Ubisoft’s platform Uplay and the Epic Games Store.

Due to its growing popularity, players wonder, if the premium edition is worth the extra coin. Today, we’ll talk about this in more detail. Dive in as we explore the differences between the standard and the premium editions of Skull and Bones!

Pre-order Bonus

As is the case with most new titles, pre-ordering the game will give you certain advantages and bonus items in the game. When it comes to Skull and Bones, pre-ordering the game gets you the so-called Highness of the High Sea Pack.

Within, you will get the Notoriety Garb skin and the Coronation Firework for your ship. Compared to many other games, this bonus provides little to no incentive for players to purchase it as its cost is simply not worth it.

Highness of the High Sea Pack Skull and Bones
Source: Ubisoft

Standard Edition

The standard edition of the game, priced at 59,99 Euros is well…the base game. This is professional gaming journalism at its finest

All jokes aside, the standard edition is for players who wish to enjoy the base game without any extra content and cost. At its core, it certainly is enough and while it may have fewer missions, it still is a unique pirating experience set to take up countless hours of your free time.

Skull and Bones Standard Edition

Premium Edition

The premium edition of the game starts at 89,99 Euros which is considerably more than what the standard edition will cost you. However, with this, you get many different bonuses, skins, missions, and more. See the full list of additional items below:

  • 3 days early access,
  • Premium Bonus pack,
  • 2 extra missions,
  • Artbook/Soundtrack,
  • Smuggler pass token.
Skull and Bones Premium Edition

Premium Bonus Pack

The premium bonus pack will get you the Ballad of Bloody Bones collection with the Bloody Bones Captain outfit and the Ashen Corsair Ship Set with a total of 11 vanity items.

Skull and Bones Ballad of Bloody Bones

2 Extra Missions

The 2 extra missions you get with the premium edition are the Ashen Corsair and Bloody Bones Legacy.

With the Ashen Corsair mission, you will have to follow the trail to a legendary cursed ship. Once completed, you will get the Ashen Followers crew outfit.

When it comes to the Bloody Bones Legacy, you have to discover the truth about a pirate legend. Upon completion, you will unlock the Death’s Hand pet.

Smuggler Pass Token

The smuggler pass token unlocks the premium battle pass for cool items within the game. More details about this battle pass will be released soon.

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