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Skull and Bones: Islands of the Moon Treasure Location

Find a big bounty before sailing abroad




Skull and Bones Islands of the Moon treasure location

Skull and Bones has a lot of surprises in the Islands of the Moon, and knowing the treasure location is key if you don’t want to miss it. You can uncover a lot of mysteries on your own; however, more likely than not, you will need help. As a pirate, you might believe that having a map is enough, but it isn’t, and even the mightiest ones need an extra hand or hook.

During the early game stage, you might find the Islands of the Moon map. Despite being a Common Treasure map, understanding the clues isn’t as straightforward as you might wish. If you can’t locate the hidden loot, here we will share with you the answer.

Islands of the Moon Treasure Location

Before you can find the treasure, you need to locate the island. You can do this thanks to the name of the location and the clear diagram of the island on the map. You can be sure that, in this case, the treasure will be in the Moon area. If you haven’t discovered this location, you can still narrow it down in your game.

You can get to this place by traveling north-west from Saint-Anne, avoiding all the other islands until you reach Dragon’s Back. Even though the journey might seem easy when you read it here, it’s a very tricky sail, so be careful. Once you reach this settlement, you will see that it’s located on the exact island you need to get to. This is the starting point you need to reach, and from this moment onward, you can start looking for the treasure.

Skull and Bones treasure settlement location

Locating the hidden bounty in the dragon’s back

In Skull and Bones, once you reach Dragon’s Back in the Islands of the Moon, the treasure location is still hidden. Once you are here, you need to go right from the point of your arrival, passing a passage that’s next to the merchant. You need to climb your way to the exact point of the treasure, following the only path available. At the end, you will see a golden sparkle on your left; if you reach a pirate bonfire, you miss the treasure.

Skull and Bones Islands of the Moon treasure dig place

Approach the sparks, and just like the X that marks the place, dig near them to find the treasure. If you succeed in this little mission, you will get:

  • 2314 silver
  • 1 Melusine’s pose ship décor
  • 2 Ivory
  • 5 Bronze Ingots
  • 2 Camphor

Victory aside, getting this treasure will help you a lot during your early game. There are other ways to get rewards, but this is an easy way to start. In addition, you will gain more infamy and XP after the find, which will help you on your way to becoming a seasoned pirate.

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