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Skull and Bones: Where to Find Torsion Spring 

Get to plundering!




In Skull and Bones, you need a lot of different resources to craft Ships. As you progress to the late game, one of the resources you’ll find yourself needing is Torsion Springs. They can be hard to locate, which is where we aim to help!

Where to Find Torsion Spring

You find the Torsion Springs by plundering forts and by taking down ships. The ships which drop this are rare and also difficult to defeat. In general, it’s easier to find and defeat forts. In either case, make sure you’re sufficiently leveled up and have good gear before attempting to plunder forts.

One of the easier Forts to go for when looking for Torsion Springs is the Fort-du-Bout. This is a military base with a few good possible loot options. Highlighted in the image below, you’ll see the map for the Fort-du-Bout.

Fort-du-Bout in Skull and Bones

There are two springs available at this fort for you to loot. For that, you’ll need to loot it up to Level 5. To plunder this fort, you need to kill all the enemies at the fort. Some ships will also attack you, and you will need to defeat them.

To overcome the daunting challenge of plundering this fort, we recommend getting a good ship like the Padewakang for solo play. Alternatively, you could get together a party of friends and raid together. Fights in Skull and Bones are always easier in groups.

Torsion Springs requires some decent combat skills and gear to be acquired, but they’re well worth the effort. Good luck plundering!

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