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How to Do Hostile Takeovers in Skull and Bones

Take in part in exciting Hostile Takeovers




Skull and Bones allows you to get loot and Silver in a ton of different ways. From plundering ships on the open seas to looking for treasure chests, the game has a lot for you to do. Some loot in the game though is exclusive, and can only be earned in specific ways.

Hostile Takeovers in Skull and Bones are a great way to get your hands on Manufactories. Manufactories are really useful items, especially later on in the game. They play a big role in helping you trade on the Black Market in Skull and Bones.

So how do Hostile Takeovers work, and how can you take part in one?

How to Do Hostile Takeovers

hostile takeover notification appearing to let you know that the event is available

The game provides you a timer that tells you when the next takeover opportunity will come your way. Once the timer hits 0, you will be able to join a Hostile Takeover. You have limited time to join, so do keep that in mind.

The event is mainly a PvP event, but it also has PvE elements in it. Sometimes you might not be able to find players for PvP within the specified time for the event. If that happens, the event can also be played in a PvE mode.

Winning these events allows you to unlock the extremely valuable Manufactories. These unlocks allow you to generate a passive income of Pieces of 8. You can use your Pieces of 8 on the Black Market and become the ultimate pirate.

How do Hostile Takeovers Work

As the name suggests, Hostile Takeover events require you to take over a specified place. This place will generally surround an Island or body of water.

takeover starts message at the event

To take over the location, you will need to take down AI enemies and the real players within the area. The winner of the event is decided by who takes down the most enemies within the event’s time. Killing other players taking part in the event will limit the number of enemies they might take down.

Do keep in mind that the event is completely combat-focused. Having upgraded and strong ships is a must in events like this, as they can greatly increase your chances of winning. Take over the areas and get yourself a passive way to earn Pieces of 8, the currency used in Black Markets.

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