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Skull and Bones: How to Unlock Manufactories

Manufacture your own eight pieces

Kaylee Nancarrow



Skull and Bones: How to Unlock Manufactories

In the early stages of Skull and Bones, you can trade with and plunder outposts for material resources. These resources can be used to craft weapons, build ships, and complete contracts.

That said, later in the game you can take control of manufactories and make them work for you. Under your control, manufactories will passively earn you pieces of eight, which are valuable currency in the game. So, how does one take control of manufactories?

How to Unlock Manufactories

As you seize control of the high seas, you’ll want to start taking control of manufactories. You can take control of manufactories by taking part in a hostile takeover or through a legendary heist.

Both of these events are periodically available throughout the day. They have set time limits and need to be completed before another player steals your victory.

Hostile Takeover

Hostile Takeover

Hostile Takeovers are PvPvE events where you attack an outpost with a manufactory. To unlock a manufactory, you have to take control of the outpost and destroy the towers while defending yourself.

The player that inflicts the most damage on the towers, will take control of the manufactory and start earning some valuable resources.

Legendary Heists

Legendary Heists

Secondly, you can unlock manufactories by completing legendary heists. These events require you to attack a merchant ship and transport the stolen goods to a buyer. The buyer will then give you control of the manufactory.

Legendary heist are co-op events and the moment you’re in possession of the stolen cargo, other players will attempt to steal your bounty.

Keep those sails raised and outlast your enemies to be king of the manufactories!

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