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Skull and Bones: How to Plunder

Get the best loot like a true pirate




Skull and bones, ship plunder settlement

In Skull and Bones, you can learn how to plunder, how to drink grog the right way, and finally, why pirates are better than ninjas. This Ubisoft exclusive lets you sail the sea and live your best pirate life, with all the infamous perks. You can have a mighty crew, make alliances with friends, or you can become the next Black Bear.

Before you can fulfill any of your wildest dreams, you need infamy, XP, and resources, and the best way to get them is by plundering. This ancient practice can be recreated in the game, and learning how to be successful is key. This is why we tell you everything you need to know before charging your cannonballs and boarding enemies.

How to Plunder Successfully

The game map in Skull and Bones covers the coast of Africa and the tropical islands of the East Indies. In other words, the map is huge, and there are multiple settlements unrelated to quests that you can plunder for extra goodies. There are a few that are impossible to plunder, such as Sainte-Anne, but you can plunder the ones you can’t dock at. Before doing so, you need to know:

Look for settlements without fast travel icons

If you are new to Skull and Bones, before you can learn how to plunder, you must learn how to identify the right settlements. You can only plunder the ones where you can’t dock and don’t have a fast travel icon.

Once you reach one, you will have two options on screen: interact or plunder. Of course, if you set plunder, a small cutscene will start, and you and your crew will start the fight shortly after.

Destroy the towers first

Every settlement has at least two guard towers close by. Those are part of the settlement defenses; you should destroy the towers and the defenses first, before any of the ships or possible reinforcements that will come.

Skull and Bones how to plunder and destroy defenses

If any of the ships or defenses has a number next to its icon, it means that you must destroy the enemies in a fixed order. Also, remember that you could board enemy ships to get extra loot. Every time you destroy an enemy, it will drop extra loot. For each wave of reinforcements you destroy successfully, the settlement will drop loot in a fixed place.

Keep an eye on the four treasure chests.

Your plunder progress is represented by a bar with four treasure chests at the top of the screen. Every chest is a stage that you must complete by destroying the enemies.

Each time you do this, you can get even more loot until you destroy everyone and the plunder is complete. When the final chest is looted, you will see another cutscene indicating that you have completed the mission.

If you want to win big prizes, you must be willing to do big quests, and plundering is a high-risk gamble with amazing benefits. Learning the basics is important; this way, you won’t sink to the bottom of the ocean during your first real pirate-related crime.

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