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Skull and Bones: Where to Find Torpedo Crate Blueprint

Find blueprints to craft your own ammo crates.




Skull and Bones gives you plenty of options when it comes to weapons for your ship. Out of all the different weapons in the game, Torpedoes manage to stand out due to their stealthy nature. Torpedoes allow you to land devastating blows on enemy ships through water.

Once you get a Torpedo Launcher in Skull and Bone, you can start using the Torpedoes in combat. So, how exactly do you get Torpedoes?

Skull and Bones allows you to purchase blueprints for ammo crates. You can buy the blueprints and then craft the ammunition you need from a blacksmith. We will be looking at where you need to go to find the Torpedo Blueprints.

Where to Find Torpedo Crate Blueprint

map location for vendor selling blueprints

You can purchase the blueprints for the torpedo ammunition directly from a vendor. This vendor will be at the “Kaa Mangrove” outpost, which is towards the east of the map. We have marked this location on the map above.

vendor on the island

Once you are on land here, you can see the vendor directly to your right. You will be able to interact with this vendor who is called “Corrupt Compagnie Officer” in game.

How to Craft Torpedos

blueprint description

The ammunition crate can be purchased using Silver, the main in-game currency of Skull and Bones. With blueprints like this one, you will not directly get the ammunition you are looking for. Instead, you will be able to craft the crate from the blacksmith.

To craft the Torpedo Crate, you will need:

  • Rusty Nail
  • Scavenged Wood
  • Torn Sail x2

One crate will have a total of 60 Torpedoes. Buying blueprints is more expensive than buying the ammunition directly, but in the long-run, you will actually end up saving Silver.

Torpedo Crate

ammo crate description

You can also buy the ammunition crate directly from the vendor, without needing to craft it. Buying the ammo crate will give you 30 Torpedoes less than what you would get if you craft the Crate. Purchasing the crate directly is cheaper than the blueprints though, and it will also save you the resources needed to craft the crate.

You will be able to find blueprints for all sorts of ammunition in Skull and Bones. Collect all the blueprints you can find, so you will never have to buy the ammunition again.

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