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Tower of Fantasy: Dark Crystal Guide | How to Get Renewable Dark Crystals

Get free summons by getting all of the dark crystals.




Tower of Fantasy is a free-to-play game that features Gacha System. Unlike other games that offers characters in the Gacha System, this game has Weapons with characters on them as skins. We are going to show you how to get free pulls in the Gacha System by obtaining dark crystals.

Dark Crystal Guide in Tower of Fantasy

Dark Crystals are currencies that you can acquire for free and are used to pull in the Gacha System. You can get them from the Story, Exploration, Achievements, and many more. Read on to learn how to get renewable dark crystals.

Renewable Dark Crystals


There are three methods from where you can get weekly renewable dark crystals.

  • A 7-day login reward will give you 20 dark crystals on the 5th day
  • Weekly activity bars that reward you with 350 dark crystals every week
  • Crew System that will give you dark crystals based on your class

Adding everything, you will get 520 weekly dark crystals for a regular crewmate, and 570 weekly dark crystals for a commander. Summing it all up, you receive 2,080 for a crewmate and 2,280 for a commander every month.


Additionally, you can obtain monthly renewable dark crystals from the following:

  • Apex League or PVP getting Grand Marshal rank rewards you with a title, 2 cosmetics, a vehicle, and 500 dark crystals. Getting the same cosmetic and vehicle give 100 dark crystals each.
  • The free tier on the battle pass will give 150 dark crystals
  • Battle royale, which lasts for 3 months, will give 500 dark crystals in 1 month

Every month, you will receive 3,730 dark crystals – equivalent to 24 pulls. Not included in this calculation are the dark crystals from events and rewards from the server maintenance.

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