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Tower of Fantasy: Zircosilver Danvers Location

Defeat this rare enemy.




In the Tower of Fantasy, there are new monsters. Vera, the new location, is introduced in the game’s 2.0 version update. This also refers to potential encounters with brand-new enemies.

The two new World Bosses, Rudolph and Magma, and other enemies like desert monsters and space-traveling foes, can all be found.

We’ll show you where to find the Zircosilver Danvers, one of the newly released adversaries.

Zircosilver Danvers Location in Tower of Fantasy

Source: ZaFrostPet.

Vera, a new section of Tower of Fantasy, is situated in a desert. Monsters are everywhere, but people can still stand the heat. The cyberpunk city of Mirroria is where humans do, nonetheless, reside in this region.

Mirroria can be unlocked once the main story quest in Vera has begun.

In the game, there are also unique foes or foes with names; one of these is the Zircosilver Danvers.

Finding Zircosilver Danvers

Source: ZaFrostPet.

In Tower of Fantasy, some unique or named enemies occasionally drop a vehicle component. Additionally, after you defeat them for the first time, you can get an achievement that awards you with 10 Dark Crystals.

Source: ZaFrostPet.

Just outside of Mirroria, in the Sandstorm Ground, is where you may find Zircosilver Danvers. Go west after fast traveling to the spacerift in Mirroria Meteor Crater. It is situated in a clearing beneath a skyway.

It is the Desert Predator in a more powerful form. It is white in color and vulnerable to the Ice element.

You should ask your pals or crew because it can be difficult to beat.

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