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Tower of Fantasy: How to Get to Mirroria

Getting to the new Mirroria area involves following and completing the Vera questline.




There are several new areas that were added to Tower of Fantasy following its most recent update. One such area is Mirroria which is a huge area with several cyberpunk elements.

In this guide, we’ll talk about how you can reach this area.

How to Get to Mirroria in Tower of Fantasy

Credits: ZaFrostPet

In order to get to Mirroria, you need to follow and complete the Vera questline. After accepting the quest, you want to visit Hykros which you can find in the Astra Omnium Tower.

Simply teleport to the Astra Omnium Tower waypoint.

Once you get there, interact with the Matter Transmission Device to take you inside Hykros.

Simply follow the quest marker at this point. Speak to Claire who is alongside Elric in order to trigger a conversation.

After the conversation, they will then prompt you to head over to Vera Sector. All you need to do is walk to the device at the front and click OK in order to visit the area.

Credits: ZaFrostPet

Now, this is where the main questline for the Vera Sector begins. We won’t go into the details too much to avoid spoiling anything.

What you should do is complete this questline until you reach the point where your objective is to board the plane that will take you to Mirroria.

Proceed to the platform in order to trigger a cutscene. After the cutscene, you will then get teleported inside Mirroria. Simply talk to Cowell afterward to complete the quest.

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