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Tower of Fantasy: Beginner’s Guide to Combat

Learn how the Combat system works in Tower of Fantasy.




Fighting and defeating enemies in games are fun stress-relievers. Every MMORPG has different kinds of combat; it is not easy to learn and master. In this guide, you’ll learn the do’s and don’ts in the Combat system of Tower of Fantasy and master them to dominate the game.

Beginner’s Guide to Combat in Tower of Fantasy

The Combat System in Tower of Fantasy revolves around weapons with different abilities and tiers. They range from R, SR, and the strongest or best weapon SSR tier. This guide will show you how to do Combat in Tower of Fantasy.

The Combat System in Tower of Fantasy

Like other games with 3-star, 4-star, and 5-star weapons, Tower of Fantasy has R tier, SR tier, and SSR tier weapons. Each Tower of Fantasy weapon has a normal and charged attack.

Charged attacks differ in each weapon. The charged attack of bows allows you to aim your attack and enhances the shot that you will make.

The charged attack of hammers will do an area of effect damage around you.

The charged attack of swords will launch you in the air with a slash upward, allowing aerial attacks.

Every weapon in the game has 1 ability and 1 special ability. For example, in a bow weapon, the character does a somersault and attacks with a charged bow. This can be used as a dodge ability to escape enemy attacks. With that said, all weapons have different abilities and special abilities.

To do a weapon’s special ability, engage in combat until a gauge found at the weapon icon becomes full. Switch into that weapon to unleash the special ability or discharge.

You will also hear a bell sound when the meter is full. You can charge 2 weapons at the same time.

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