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Tower of Fantasy: Portal Runs Guide | How to Get More SSR Equipment

The new Artificial Island region features portals that you can come across on your adventures, and each of them can give you a chance of getting SSR equipment.




Throughout your adventures in the new Artificial Island, you might have come across round portals that are scattered all across the map. These portals are essentially open-world events that you can activate in order to summon a wave of monsters.

In this guide, I’ll tell you how you can maximize these portals in order to get more SSR equipment.

Portal Runs Guide | How to Get More SSR Equipment in Tower of Fantasy

Once you activate a portal, it will then summon a wave of monsters that you need to defeat. If you manage to clear the portal, it will give you purple and golden Crystal Dust which you can use in the Crystal Dust store.

Basically, the small portals will drop purple crystals whereas the bigger versions will drop the golden ones. The purpose of these crystals is to upgrade your SR equipment into SSR. This way, you no longer have to wait for the Joint Operation to commence.

To maximize your runs, you need to use a build that can easily clear the monsters that the portals spawn. They’re quite challenging, especially the larger ones as they can sometimes spawn a boss. Aside from that, you only have around 45 seconds to clear small portals and 90 seconds for the big ones.

I would highly recommend doing it with a group, as it might prove too challenging for you to take them on solo.

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