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Tower of Fantasy: Ruin B-02 All Chest Locations

Find these chests to complete Ruin B-02.




The world in the Tower of Fantasy is vast. On the map, there are tons of areas to explore, including strongholds containing a supply pod that can open when you defeat the treasure guard, World Bosses you canc challenge, and ruins you can complete. This guide will teach you how to complete Ruin B-02 and find all chests inside.

Ruin B-02 All Two Chest Locations in Tower of Fantasy

Ruins are like dungeons in Tower of Fantasy. You receive rewards as you complete them for the first time.

There are three difficulties in a Ruin: Easy, Normal, and Hard. The easy difficulty requires two chests to complete. The normal difficulty requires three chests, and the hard mode requires six.

The locations of the chest in Ruin B-02 are tricky to find, but you can obtain them by completing the puzzle.

Obtaining All the Chest in Ruin B-02

Inside the Ruin, there are tons of enemies. Clear them out first before obtaining the first chest. The first chest, which is covered up in thorns, is beside a staircase.

From the spawn point, go straight. Use the fire element to burn the thorns and open the chest.

Each Ruin has a gimmick, and Ruin B-02 requires you to place a cube on a red platform to open doors. On top of the staircase, you will have to place the cube on the circle platform to be able to go to the next location that has the second chest.

Jump off at the side before going to the next stage. There is a room with two Razor Warrior enemies and a chest. Defeat them and obtain the chest.

Lastly, you will have to kill the boss before leaving to clear the Ruin.

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