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Tower of Fantasy: Judas Location Guide

Collecting Bounties from Monsters while you explore an area should be one of your priorities to save yourself some time.




Tower of Fantasy has 83 Monster hunting missions to occupy your time when you’re not doing story missions or any of the in-game content.

These bounties may not offer much per piece, but collecting them all could give a substantial amount of dark crystals and bonus achievements.

As part of our monster hunting location series, today we are going to guide you on where to find the sleeping bounty, Judas.

Guide to Judas Location in Tower of Fantasy

Judas’s napping spot is over at the Dock area in the Banges Region. Just follow the shoreline on the map above and from there, head on inland to find his shack.

Judas Sleeping Spot

As you get closer to the building, you should see a body lying on the ground just near the entrance. That’s your man Judas.

He might change spots from time to time so be careful not to trip on him if you stumble across him in the tall grass. It should be hard since his snoring gets really loud as you approach him.

Break shield before DPS

From there, land in a few good hits to wake him up. He has a moderate amount of shield so it’s best to shatter those first before unloading your DPS weapon on him.

After the battle, you can head on out in search of the other bounties.

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