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Tower of Fantasy: All Scenic Point Locations in Artificial Island

Artificial Island is an entirely new area in Tower of Fantasy that features several scenic points you can visit to increase your World Exploration progress.




The new Artificial Island in the 1.5 update of Tower of Fantasy provides players with a whole new area to explore. Similar to the other major areas in the game, the Artificial Island features several scenic points that you can discover.

In this guide, I’ll show you where you can find all the scenic points on the island.

All Scenic Point Locations in Artificial Island in Tower of Fantasy

If you’re aiming for that 100% completion for your World Exploration, then you have to visit every single scenic point in the game. In Artificial Island, you can find eight of these scenic locations scattered across the map.

Here are their locations:

Unnamed Airship Plaza

The first scenic point location is in the Unnamed Airship Plaza which you can find just a bit southwest of Rusty Iron Camp. You’ll find it on the edge of a small cliff.

Abandoned Water Treatment Plant

For this one, you want to head over to the Deserted Water Treatment Plant which you can find on the northern part of the island. The scenic point will be right at the edge of the cliff overlooking the sea.

The Venture

To access this scenic point, you have to go to the Island of Pins which is a tiny islet at the top of the Artificial Island. Once you get there, you want to head to the northern part which is close to the massive ship. The scenic point will be just below that ship to the left.

Simple Pier

This one will be on the shore of the Simple Pier, exactly north of the Ring Arena.


To get to this scenic point, you want to head a bit southwest of Ring Arena. The scenic point will be on the edge of a cliff.

Tetriso Ruins

This one is a bit to the northeastern part of Mysterious Tetriso Ruins and slightly northwest of Feiyun Mountain. You’ll find the scenic point on the edge of a cliff that’s directly across the dodecahedron structure in the ruins.

Lakesource Falls

This one is directly south of Puddled Lake and a bit west of Eyrie. You’ll find the scenic point at the edge of a small cliff that’s overlooking the lake.

Gazing Cliffs

For the last one, you want to head to Stranded Remains which is on the southern part of the map. Here, you’ll find a wreckage of an airship carrier. You want to get on top of the structure and look for the slope that faces toward the sea.

At the edge of that slope is where you’ll find the scenic point for Gazing Cliffs.

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