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Tower of Fantasy: How to Get the Chaser Mount (Vacuum)

There are several Mounts to collect in Tower of Fantasy. From futuristic motorcycles, Wacky Cubes, robotic-themed fantasy beasts and more. With the game hitting the Global stage, the types of mounts to collect would increase as the game progresses.




 Today, we are going to talk about one of the easiest mounts to get in-game. The CHASER mount.

The Chaser has one of the simplest designs for mounts. It sort of looks like how an old vacuum would probably look like if it stepped into a time machine to the future and got itself a makeover. Don’t let the image fool you though, this is one mount worth having.

For you to obtain it, there are only 2 parts for you to search for. The magnetic rod and the maglev stalker.

The CHASER MOUNT Tower of Fantasy | Location

For the magnetic rod, head on over to the Rusty Belt located at the northern part of Astra. Look for the stronghold that has a Bear head on top of it. That’s where you want to go for the piece.

The chest would be inside the Bear Head. For clarity just go to map coordinates (828.1, 472.4). With that in the bag, you’re halfway through.

Getting the Maglev Piece however would require you to grind for a bit since it’s a random drop from the Vermin Brothers. There are several spawn locations for them and let’s head over to the first location.

Teleport to the waypoint located southwest of the mega arena. As you get off the waypoint you should be able to spot them pretty quickly. The spawn point is just underneath the Recycle sign of the recycling building.

Try to defeat them as fast as possible to save yourself some time. This mount is one of the early mounts that you could get so the drop rate is a little bit higher compared to other mounts, especially with 4 set piece mounts.

Signal station ruins Spawn area

For the next spawn location just teleport to the signal station ruins way point. When you get off the gateway, just head east until you find yourself on a road. Along the road would be where another Vermin Brother would be spawning.

Keep cycling towards these areas and kill Vermin Brothers until they drop the maglev stalker piece. This process can be a bit time-consuming since the drop rate isn’t that high.

Once you get both pieces, head over to your inventory and assemble. Congratulations you’ve got yourself the CHASER mount.



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    August 11, 2022 at 9:27 pm

    The drop rate isn’t very close to high. It’s a very rare drop rate as claimed and proven by majority of the multiple sources and videos on the web.

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      August 12, 2022 at 6:49 am

      Thank you for the suggestion. We edited the article.

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