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Tower of Fantasy: How to Unlock Omnium Tower Warren Snowfield

Unlocking areas in Tower of Fantasy grants you access to one of the Five Omnium Towers littered across the map.




These areas can be unlocked by field exploration quests and through the main Storyline. The game sets the pacing on what areas you can explore.

If you find yourself taking radiation damage while going about unlocking the tower in the Warren Snowfield. You might want to head back and upgrade your CS or Combat Score.

The fourth Omnium Tower to Unlock in Tower of Fantasy is located in Warren Snowfield. And today we will be guiding you on how to access it in the game.

How to Unlock the Omnium Tower at Warren in Tower of Fantasy

For you to reach the omnium tower you must start the main story mission 5-01. Here, you will have to go to the Heirs stronghold to continue with the story.

Start the Snowfield in Disorder mission 5-01

As you near the stronghold you would find out that the twins have taken control of the cannons. Head on over to Franz while dodging Canon fire to start a fight mission.

Defeat Seele

Arriving at Franz’s destination you would have to do a boss battle. Do this quickly by shattering her shields first before switching to your DPS weapons.

After the battle, you would head out to deactivate the Omnium Tower in Warren Snowfield.

Head towards the Tower

The map should highlight the location of the tower by now. Head towards it and activate the last mission. After the cutscene, you now have access to the Omnium Tower in Warren.

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