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Tower of Fantasy: Beginners Guide on How Gears Work

With the Global Launch for Tower of Fantasy just days away, We have come up with a beginner’s guide on the Gear system for you to have a better understanding of gears and how it works.




Like any new game especially an MMORPG, the first gameplay tends to be confusing especially if you plan to optimize your first playthrough. And usually, it’s the various gimmicks such as equipment enhancement and/or stat distribution to make your character stronger.

In this guide, we’ll take things to step by step to better understand the gear system before we all head out to explore the Tower of Fantasy world this August 10.

How Gears Work in Tower of Fantasy

Gears are your equipment in Tower of Fantasy. The game lets you equip up to 8 gears on your character. These are headgear, shoulder armor, body armor, wrist guards, belts, leg armor, gloves, and boots. These gears are classed according to how rare they are. The higher the rarity of equipment, the better the stats and protection it gives overall.

Gear rarity is as follows, grey for common gears then green, blue, purple and the highest level is gold. Gears can be obtained in quests and dungeons but gold gears are only dropped on higher-level dungeons in the game.

To enhance your gear there are two ways of doing that. One way is to level up your gear slot. The beauty of it is you only get to level up your gear slot once and if you change your gear with a new one on that slot the gear slot stays the same. Every 10 levels would give you a bonus enhancement if all 8 gear slots are of the same level.

The other method is to level up the gear itself. These can be done by grinding gears of the same type for the experience. Say, you have level 1 purple boots and want to level the gear up, you can do that by grinding all available boots in your inventory for experience to level the gear up. The higher the rarity and level of the piece you want to be upgraded, the more gears you need to grind to level it up. Every 10 levels of grinding would require you to use limited break materials for the gear to transcend to the next level.

Both of these methods require gold, materials, and crystals. Blue crystals can be used to purchase material enhancements for your gear while gold crystals let you buy gold-level gears in the shop.

To save yourself some crystals, just farm them by doing the main story mission, complete daily objectives on quests, so dungeon runs and the Bygone Phantasm.

Upgrading your weapons

Next, let’s talk about Weapons. Weapons require XP chips to level up. Every 10 levels you would be required to use limit break materials for the weapon to transcend to the next level. Afterward, you can go back to feeding your weapon XP chips until the next limit break.

The next method to strengthen your weapon is star upgrades. Your weapon has a star level usually it’s at level 1 star, if you find duplicate weapons you can merge them and raise the weapon’s star level. As the level goes up additional enhancements are unlocked making your weapon more powerful. The maximum star level for a weapon is 6 stars.

Matrices and weapon slots

And finally, on the Gear system, we have the Matrices. Think of matrices as chips that could be slotted to your weapon. Weapons have a total of 4 matrices slots namely the emotion slot, mind slot, belief slot, and memory slot.

Depending on the combination of matrices you put onto your weapon, the higher the attributes or enhancement the weapon gets. To maximize matrices always go for set effects. Set matrices activate when you have a minimum of 2 matrices of the same type. With all four slotted with the same matrices, you would get higher enhancements or bonus stats depending on the type of matrices you have equipped.

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