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Tower of Fantasy: Ruin Stones Puzzle Solution

The Ruin Stone Puzzles are great ways of getting Black Nucleus.




Great news for the Free to Play Player in Tower of Fantasy. There’s a new way of farming for Black Nucleus in the latest update which could potentially be a big difference if you’re still farming for Black nucleus for a successful pull for your weapons.

There is New Content on your Survival Guide World Exploration task called Ruin Stones. With a red nucleus as a prize for completing the puzzle quest, this is going to be much sought-after content to complete.

In this guide, we will be showing you how to complete Ruin Stone Puzzles to earn yourself a Black nucleus in the latest update in Tower of Fantasy.

Ruin Stone Puzzle Solution in Tower of Fantasy

These Ruin Stones can be found in Vera. How the puzzles work is that each set of stones has markings on them. You complete these puzzles by viewing these stones at a certain angle to reap their rewards.

Ruin stone Location

Image source: ZaFrostPet

Many thanks to ZaFrostPet for posting one location for Ruin Stones in Vera. We aren’t sure how many Ruin Stones are scattered across the area but completing their puzzles is done the same way for each of them.

Head over to the coordinates listed in the image above. You will find a pair of Ruin Stones in the area of Vera Plane.

Inspect the Ruin Stones for Markings

Circle and inspect the Stones for any telltale markings. You will need to find these markings that when viewed from a certain angle, connects both markings from the two stones into one marked image.

View the markings at an angle that connects them

You will know if you got the angle right if the dull markings will start to glow. Position them so that they complete their mark to Unlock the black nucleus.

There are other Stone Ruins scattered in Vera. Once you spot any of them, be sure to inspect them and unlock their prizes by completing their puzzle.

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