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Tower of Fantasy: How to Get the Voyager Mount (Flying Car)

The Voyager is a flying car in Tower of Fantasy that you need to assemble in order to obtain.




There are several mounts that you can obtain in Tower of Fantasy. Each of them will provide you with a cool means of traveling the world in the game. One of these mounts is a flying car named Voyager, and if you’re interested in getting it, then this guide is for you.

How to Get the Voyager Mount (Flying Car) in Tower of Fantasy

Unlike most mounts, you need to collect the parts for the Voyager and assemble them in order to get it. There are four different parts that you need to collect to assemble it. They’re as follows:

  • Hull – You can obtain it from one of the supply pods just below where the SSR Colossus Arm relic is located.
  • Engine – To get this, you need to unlock a treasure from a Hyena member inside the Raincaller Island Oil Rig. However, you will need to give the Hyena member inside the oil rig one Sizzling Meat so he will give you the treasure.
  • Thruster – You can get this as a rare drop from the Four Powers northwest of Navia.
  • Pilot Seat – You can find the pilot seat inside the locked bunker in Seaforth Dock. Just enter the passcode 3594 to unlock it.

Once you have all four parts, you should then get the new Voyager mount.

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