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Tower of Fantasy: World Exploration Guide | How to Read the Map

Know about the world of Tower of Fantasy.




With the upcoming release of Tower of Fantasy, you are going to need all of the information you can get – from combat to exploration of the game. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about the map in Tower of Fantasy.

World Exploration Guide in Tower of Fantasy

The map features various icons, and we will talk about them one by one. The first icon, which looks like a tower, is the main teleport point. Unlocking this uncovers a part of the map.

The second icon is another teleport waypoint, but unlocking this does not uncover a part of the map. So it is best to get the main teleport waypoint to open all of the maps.

Next, we have these fire hydrant-looking icons on the map. They are ability training sessions that have mini-games you can participate in. They are open every day.

The fourth icon is the one that looks like a house. These are areas that have mobs and chests that unlock after defeating them.

These are also the same as the fourth icon. The gray color indicates you’ve already cleared the area. If it has a bar like in the picture on top, it means you still have things that you can get in the area.

The fifth icon is these triangle-shaped towers. They are the one-time completion dungeons in the game, and can only be played solo.

The next is the World Boss icon. This gives out good loot; it even has a chance to drop SSR chips and SSR weapons.

World Exploration

Each area of the map has exploration progress that rewards you with free items every time you reach a milestone. Some of the rewards are the currency for the Gacha System. Reaching 100% in an area will give you a certain title and even an outfit. You can also find unopened chests available in a particular area in the exploration progress

Some puzzles summons a chest upon completion. An example is these dandelions. To open the chest, you must hit the dandelion, which will spread out. Continue hitting all of them to unlock the chest.

In addition, some statues are puzzles that also reward chests. But you will need to equip a cube relic to knock off the circle stone.

There are plant-looking things on the map that you need to hit with a fire element to get chests.

On the other hand, glowing mushrooms give out a chest after you jump on them in the right order.

Here are more elements in the map you must know about:

The above feature requires you to use a fire element to reveal a chest.

This crater-like rock has magma in it, hit it with the ice element to open.

These ores are needed for upgrading your weapon. Red indicates you will need to hit it with a fire element, blue with the ice element, and violet for the thunder element.

There are also flowers in the world that will have a corresponding color, and you need to find a ball with the same color. Throw the ball into the flower to get an orb.

Platforms will also give out a reward; you need to hit them with a heavy attack. Some platforms a certain gadget to unlock them.

You will also find a music puzzle that rewards you with an orb.

The minimap also shows if there is a chest nearby. You will see it as either a diamond or an orb-looking icon on the minimap, similar to the picture above.

If you’re lucky, holograms may come out from chests, which gives you the chance to complete challenges that rewards you with good equipment.

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