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Tower of Fantasy: Which Matrix to Farm | Matrix Guide

Prioritize farming these Matrix and upgrade them.




Tower of Fantasy features a Combat Score (CS, a numerical value that can determine if you are strong enough to access certain content in the game.

You can raise the CS by upgrading weapons and gears. Another way to increase your CS is a Matrix. This guide will teach you the best ones to prioritize in the game’s current meta.

Which Matrix to Farm in Tower of Fantasy

Matrix in Tower of Fantasy are pieces you can allot to your weapon. A weapon can possess 4 types of Matrixes, and they have set bonus that grants you buffs. Matrixes have 3 rarities: Blue, Purple, and Gold. Some set effects for the gold matrix are character specific.

Recommended Matrix

SSR matrix or gold matrix have a low chance of dropping in difficulty 05 Joint Operations, World Bosses, and Void Rifts.

Every day, there are different stages in Joint Operations offering specific Matrix exclusive for that day, except on Sunday when all of the stages are unlocked.

Each World Boss has a chance of giving a specific SSR matrix. An example is Lucia who will drop Shiro’s Matrix.

With that said, the following are the best Matix to farm:

  • Shield Breaking (at least 2 pieces)
    • Shiro – Obtainable from Lucia
    • King –  Obtainable from Robarg
    • Meryl  –  Obtainable from Barbarossa
  • DPS (at least 2 pieces)
    • Crow –  Obtainable from Sobek
    • Samir
    • Tsubasa –  Obtainable from world bossApophis
  • Supports
    • Coco Ritter (for healing)
    • Zero (for shields)

You can also obtain SSR matrix from the Choice of Matrix gacha, but you need to use real money to pull.

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