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Tower of Fantasy: Bohemian Aberrant Location

Hunt down and wipe off enemies by knowing their locations in the map.




Tower of Fantasy is an MMORPG game which means combat is always involved. In this world, your character can encounter different types of enemies. But the most common enemy target that you can fight with is the aberrant.

However, aberrant has different types or variants. One of which is the bohemian aberrant. We can say that among all the aberrant types, this is the most unique one. Having said that, players are becoming curious of where a bohemian aberrant is located.

In this guide, we will tell you all the possible spawn locations of a bohemian aberrant.

Bohemian Aberrant Location in Tower of Fantasy

Since an aberrant has no fixed spawn location, we can say that finding a specific type of aberrant is a trial-and-error process. There are some instances that an angry aberrant will spawn on the Natural Dragon Tumulus, and on some time, it will be a bohemian aberrant.

But it is important to remember that all types of aberrant can be found on the location itself or just near the surrounding area of a transmission gate. So, if you are planning to catch any type of aberrant, it is a good stunt if you would roam around places near a transmission gate.

However, the bohemian aberrant is the focus of this guide. Here are the possible spawn locations of a bohemian aberrant.

A bohemian aberrant can be found on the northeastern part of the Rusty Iron Camp, most parts of the land surrounding the Stone Mountain, southeastern of Mount Sandy, around the land of the Deserted Water Treatment Plant, on the land of Natural Dragon Tumulus and the area around it, on the land of Mysterious Tetriso Ruins, and on the Feiyun Mountain.

These are just some of the places you can visit and roam around if you are to look for a bohemian aberrant.

Loots from a Bohemian Aberrant

Even though a bohemian aberrant spawns randomly in different locations, the drops that you can loot upon defeating it don’t change. It stays the same and actually has the same loots from the lazy aberrant.

As you finish off a bohemian aberrant, you will obtain two Rockcore and an Institute Key Card.

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Tower Of Fantasy: Appointed Research Secret & Farm Location

Daily doses of Energy!

Nicole Barelli



tower of fantasy appointed research secret farm location

Tower of Fantasy is a free-to-play, shared open-world RPG, anime-infused sci-fi adventure. As usual in the genre, dozens of quests fill the world of the game, and while some are easier to find and complete, others are more mysterious. This guide is here to show you how to do the Appointed Research.

Appointed Research Secret & Farm Location – Tower Of Fantasy

Before thinking about the Appointed Research, you’ll need to defeat the boss Abyssant Harrah, whom you confront during the main storyline.

With that out of the way, teleport back to Mirroria and talk to an Appointed Research AI droid in one of the following areas: Reception, Oasis Club, Tower of Fantasy, or Mirafleur Hall. Doing this, you’ll enter the Appointed Research.

tower of fantasy appointed research secret farm location2

You’ll need to get a couple of materials for the research.

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The first one is Greyspace Spine. There’s a farming route you can follow in Confounding Abyss, illustrated in the picture below. Kill enemies, restarting the route if needed, until they drop all the Greyspace Spine you require.

tower of fantasy appointed research secret farm location3
Source: Michuzak from YouTube

Second, you’re going to need Lost Data Module. This can also be found in the Confounding Abyss through Chaos Cubes.

Those are floating puzzles you activate and solve with the brute strength of your sword. When the Cube releases its nucleus, you’ll receive Black Nucleus and two Lost Data Modules.

The third object is Lost Text. This one cannot be farmed, but you can find them scattered in secret pots around the map.

Three are, you guessed it, in the Confounded Abyss, located on a very high platform above the Scientific Research Center. Two others can be found in the Third City. There are at least twelve more secret spots in the First City.

Some of those spots you can see in the map below:

tower of fantasy appointed research secret farm location4
Source: Michuzak from YouTube

The last item you need is the Crystamax Core.

One of those can be obtained with a Type III Chip after you defeated Harrah. And you can get another from the fox after you feed foxes on the map.

Go back to the droid to collect your daily Energy. As the research progresses, you’ll sometimes need different materials, but those three are the main ingredients to get you on board of the research.

Thanks Michuzak for the tutorial. If you want to see more, including secondary items, please check out his video: Appointed Research Secret & Farm Location – Tower of Fantasy

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