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Tower of Fantasy: Housing Enemy Farm Route | How to Get All Building Resources

Get all of the resources efficiently by following this route.




The addition of Artificial Island in the new 1.5 version update in Tower of Fantasy also brings us the Home System. With this, we can construct buildings that can provide us with materials we need.

We are going to show you how you can efficiently farm for the resources needed in upgrading these buildings.

Housing Enemy Farm Route, How to Get All Building Resources in Tower of Fantasy

If you have reached the Artificial Island and finished the quest where you are going to find 10 Developer Logs, you can unlock the Home System. This system allows you to construct buildings on your own Artificial Island.

The buildings available can be beneficial to you, and upon reaching a certain level you, have a chance to create an SSR character or Matrix. But to upgrade your buildings, you need to find resources. Below is a farm route that will help you save time!

Artificial Island Farm Route

Credits to: Twitter User @DarkSkinGaming

Credits to: Twitter User @DarkSkinGaming

If you want to farm for building resources, follow this farm route. You can start wherever you want. With this route, you can at least reach 90% of the mobs in your artificial island.

When you get your own home system, you are given a different Artificial Island where you can build your buildings. The size of the area that you can explore in your own island is smaller than the actual size, but it is still a relatively big area for you.

Prioritize upgrading the Kitty House and the Pawpaw House so that you can have the chance of getting the SSR matrix of Samir and Crow.

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