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Tower of Fantasy: How to Get the New Summer Outfit

The Summer Seabreeze event is about to start a few hours from now, and with it comes a new summer outfit that you can obtain.




According to the news, the new Summer Seabreeze Event in Tower of Fantasy is scheduled to launch on August 23rd which is just a few hours from now. Needless to say, as with any event, it comes with several new stuff that you can look forward to.

One of them is the new summer outfit, Seaside Vacation. If you’re wondering how you can obtain this outfit, then check out the guide below.

How to Get the New Summer Outfit in Tower of Fantasy

In case you’re wondering, here’s what the new Seaside Vacation outfit looks like:

Since the event is not out yet, you can see that it’s still greyed out in the Outfits selection screen. According to the update on Tower of Fantasy’s website, you have to complete the Ecological Station Intruders story first. This will allow you to unlock the Rewards page where you can find the rewards for the event.

As an overview, you need to collect Seabreeze gachapon coins which you’ll use to draw on the event screen. The event will have a prize pool containing a variety of rewards, one of which is the Seaside Vacation outfit.

However, the probability of getting it from the draw is only 0.12%. This means you have to do a lot of draws just to have a chance at getting one. Luckily, you can only obtain a reward once, so once you receive a certain reward, it will no longer be part of the prize pool.

Also, you can draw up to 99 times and purchase draws up to 94 times. In the event that you used all 99 draws, that means you have obtained all of the prizes within the prize pool. Still, it will involve a lot of RNG, making the outfit a lot more unique.

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