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Tower of Fantasy: Where to Find Sea Urchin Locations

Here’s where to find Sea Urchins in Tower of Fantasy – which can be used as a recipe component and farmed.




While exploring Tower of Fantasy, you need to be able to keep up in the kitchen by utilizing recipes to get better buffs, higher satiety, and health restoration. So, how to become a Master Chef?

Equipping food to your hotbar is an easy way to munch mid-battle, rather than getting hit with that set cooldown at an inappropriate time.

Sea urchin can be incorporated into recipes like “Steamed Egg with Sea Urchin,” which can regenerate ten satiety, and 15% + 20,000 HP.

This recipe calls for two sea urchin, and two poultry eggs.

However, sea urchin themselves can have other uses within the world of Tower of Fantasy – might you need them for a side mission? Who can say…?

So, where exactly do you locate them?

Where to Locate Sea Urchins in Tower of Fantasy

In Astra, you’ll locate sea urchin along the Ruin B-02 in the Banges region. You’ll be able to find this in the second region of the game.

They’re not extremely abundant in the earlier areas of the game, so it is important to keep this in mind if you require them for a recipe or are farming them for another purpose. The great thing about this location is the convenience – it is one of the easier dungeons to access, as it is near the Banges Dock.

If you visit the area shown above, you’ll notice a ton that you can easily wait out to reappear and respawn – generally, there’s a good 5-10 before you’ll need to wait out the respawn period.


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