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Tower of Fantasy: How to Get the Monocross | Horse Mount Guide

The World of Tower of Fantasy is a huge place to explore. So it goes without saying that you would spend most of your time on foot as you battle mobs, collect loot and resources and even go to quest areas by walking.




In Tower of Fantasy, you could have your very own ride, be it motorcycles, jet packs or mounts, this game lets you explore the world in style.

Today, We are going to teach you how to get the Unicorn mount in Tower of Fantasy.

The Unicorn Mount for Tower of Fantasy looks pretty good. The mechanised body named after a mythical creature gives it a perfect blend of magic and technology.

Lucky for us we could get this mount for free. It’s going to take some work though but work is better than the Unicorn mount being obtainable by a massive paywall.

Before we get started, We should head out to the nearest cooking pot and do some cooking. It’s going to save us a lot of time in the long run as we go and grab the things we need for the unicorn mount.

The Heart

At the cooking pot, let’s create a Fiddlehead Pie, Tomato and Fried Egg Pasta and a Strawberry Soda. Later on, we will be needing those as quest items for the Unicorn mount.

Unicorn Legs Location

Let’s start with the easiest part to obtain first which is the unicorn legs. The chest where the unicorn legs are stored is located at the Warren Snowfield. It’s the white chest pin on the image above. Map coordinates for that are (938.1, – 402.9).

Once you’ve reached those coordinates there should be a tower there and on top of it is the chest containing the unicorn legs. There would be a timer above it for when the Elites would spawn. When the timer reaches zero just go down from the tower and below it are 3 elites that you have to kill. When that’s done just head on up the tower where the chest is located and grab the loot.

Power Core Location (Body)

Next up is the power core. Head towards the nearest warp gate and teleport to the miner camp. From there head towards these coordinates (278.0,283.9). The easiest way to get there is when you teleport to the miner camp just head south by south-east. Go to the abovementioned coordinates and you should see a sparkling interactive object by the mine that says weird mine residue. Interact with it then your good to go. Remember, you have to be pretty close to the weird mine residue for you to see it so get up close and search a little bit and check your coordinates until you find it.

Afterwards, head on to the NPC to deliver the weird mine residue. To do that just teleport to the lab in parliament. It’s the highlighted teleport gate in the image above.

From here, we would have to glide our way to the entrance of his home. The image above should give you an idea of where to jump off. The NPC is located at map coordinates (457.8, 492.7)

If done right as you are gliding a notification would pop up saying you’ve discovered the area. If I’m not mistaken, on the Beta test the area is labelled area 4. From here, just drop down and you should see an entrance to his place, just crouch down going in and deliver the item to him.

Next, He will be asking you for the Fiddle Head Pie. Hand one to him and he will be giving you ore extract. Head on out and proceed to the next area.

The next area is the same place where you got the weird mine residue. Once you get there, you would see three mining equipment. Activate those from left to right and input 3 on the left, 1 on the middle equipment and lastly 2 on the third one. If done properly the power core would spawn in front of the mine and all you have to do is pick it up.

The Head

We have managed to grab 2 of the 4 parts needed for the unicorn mount. We’re halfway through. Next, let’s do the bionic frame. Head on to the southern Naa fjord teleport gate and from there head north.

Base Password for Horse Mount

When exiting the teleport gate you should see a base in the water. That’s where the next price would be. We skip one step before coming here which is finding the password for the base. For everyone’s info, the password for the base is 7092.

Inside the base, you would have to stealthily navigate your way towards where the piece is kept. Avoid enemy guards here. They would show a red cone which is their line of sight so tiptoe your way around them until you reach the chest.

With three items in the bag, you only have one more to look for. This is probably going to be the easiest or the hardest thing to find and it all depends on your luck. You’ve guessed it, now we’re going to have to grind.

There are only 2 mobs that the headpiece drops. The first one is with Noah. Head on to the mining camp warp gate and walk your way towards his spawn area. (from the gate, just head straight and follow the road towards an outpost where there would be a robot standing right outside his shack.)

The next mob that drops the piece is with Heber. Teleport to the Crown Omnium Tower and from there glide straight down and wait for him to spawn. Keep going back and forth and defeat Noah at the mining camp and Heber in the tower and with luck, they drop the unicorn headpiece. The drop rate is pretty low, probably around. 0.03% so depending on your luck this would be easy for you or hard.

Once you get all the items just head to your inventory and assemble your very own TOF Unicorn.

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1 Comment

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    August 15, 2022 at 2:41 am

    The mob that dropping the Head part name is “Devotee Noah” and “Devotee Eber”, and not “glide straight down” but in the camp at the east of the “Omnium tower:Crown Mines”…

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