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Tower of Fantasy: Interdimensional Frostfire Dragon Location

Go to this area to find the new boss.




The 1.5 update of Tower of Fantasy introduces a new World Boss, and it is considered one of hardest enemies that you can encounter in the game. This World Boss is located in the new area, the Artificial Island. We are going to show you where you can locate it.

Interdimensional Frostfire Dragon Location in Tower of Fantasy

The Interdimensional Frostfire Dragon is the new World Boss found in the new area, Artificial Island.

To go to its location, you need to go to Kolador in Banges Port and talk to him so that he is going to bring you to the island. If it is still not available for you, this only means you have not reached level 50 or Chapter 2 in the main story line.

Location of Interdimensional Frostfire Dragon

The location of Interdimensional Frostfire Dragon is in Eyrie, and is found flying around the area. To reach the Eyrie, you need to go to the Spacerift in Rusty Iron Camp, and find the red portal in the air. Unlock the Spacerift: Eyrie so that you no longer need to find the red portal every time you want to face the dragon.

The Interdimensional Frostfire Dragon can be seen flying above you. It is advisable to fight it with many people to save time and resources. Keep in mind, it’s really strong. The Interdimensional Frostfire Dragon has a chance of dropping Samir’s SSR Matrix when you decipher the World Boss Chest.

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