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Tower of Fantasy: Ball Cactus Fruit Puzzle Guide

The Ball Cactus fruit is a brand new ingredient in the Vera Plane that you can obtain by collecting it from the Ball Cactus plant.




One of the newest additions to Tower of Fantasy is the new Vera Plane region. This desert area contains a variety of new stuff, such as the new Ball Cactus plant. In case you’re wondering, this plant can yield the Ball Cactus fruit which is a consumable that grants minor HP recovery.

At the same time, the plant itself will provide you with a Black Nucleus. However, getting one requires solving some sort of a puzzle.

Let’s find out how you can do so.

Ball Cactus Fruit Puzzle Guide in Tower of Fantasy

Credits: Mobile Game

You can find plenty of these Ball Cacti plants through Vera Plane. You can distinguish them by their tall appearance with a red flower at the top.

Once you spot one, simply go near it, but instead of interacting with the plant, you have to attack it.

This will cause its flower to open a floating sphere containing Black Nucleus. However, you have to destroy the sphere using an elemental attack that corresponds to its color.

If the sphere has a purple glow, then you need to attack it with Volt element, and so on.

Credits: Mobile Game

After breaking the sphere, the Black Nucleus will then fall to the ground and you can then pick it up.

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