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Tower of Fantasy: Go to Silvercoast Research Station Guide

The Silvercoast Research Station is a new area in Tower of Fantasy that you can reach by riding the elevator to the Yellowrock Desert.




One of the recent additions to Tower of Fantasy’s latest update is the Silvercoast Research Station. It’s just one of the many new areas that you can find on the new Vera Sector map.

If you’re wondering how you can reach the area, then this guide is for you.

Go to Silvercoast Research Station Guide in Tower of Fantasy

At one point in the game, you will receive a quest that will task you with visiting the Silvercoast Research Station. While you can just follow the quest marker, there are several things you need to do in order to get there.

Credits: ZaFrostPet

First off, you want to head over to any cruiser station. From there, ride a cruiser in order to get to the Mirroria Aerial Port. After arriving at the port, keep moving forward until you arrive at two elevators. Simply interact with one of them to transport to Yellowrock Desert.

Credits: ZaFrostPet

Once you’re in the desert, open your map and teleport to the Silvercoast Research Station spacerift. Then, simply follow the quest marker in order to complete the objective.

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